It’s safe to return: Have confidence in your health provider

This time in our lives has been truly challenging. As we all look for a return to a sense of normalcy, you can take comfort in knowing hospitals are here for you, and always will be.

It’s natural to feel anxious about the uncertainties our world is facing, but you can continue to have confidence in your health care providers.

As experts around the world learned more about COVID-19, McLaren Flint moved quickly, adapting our policies to protect our patients, visitors, physicians, and staff. As the first cases of the virus were detected in our state, hospitals across Michigan took steps to postpone any care that could wait, including some surgeries, in an effort to help stop the spread in our communities.

McLaren is now safely resuming all health care, and I want our community to know one thing above all else: You don’t need to be afraid to come back to the hospital.

Patients are delaying their care out of fear of entering a hospital because of potential exposure to COVID-19. Since the pandemic began, there’s been a significant drop in the number of people seeking care in emergency departments across the state, and fewer people are seeking treatment for heart attacks, strokes, and other potentially life-threatening conditions. Cancer, heart disease, and other chronic conditions won’t wait for the pandemic to end, and your care can’t be delayed.

I implore you not to take a chance with your health.

We have sweeping new safety precautions in place throughout our facilities. We’re screening everyone who comes through our doors for COVID-19, including our staff, and testing all patients prior to a procedure. We’re making social distancing easier by encouraging nonessential visitors to stay home, changing our waiting rooms, and offering online check-in for our emergency room, and our staff is disinfecting high-touch areas more frequently. A full list of our safety precautions can be found at

The overwhelming support of our community has been incredible throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, let us support you by providing the care you need. — Chad Grant, president and CEO of McLaren Flint