Jacksonville Jaguars wave bye-bye to their coach

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The holiday season is upon us, and that means early deadlines for the Fat Guy.

I want to say, it didn’t take long for the Jacksonville Jaguars to give Urban Meyer his walking papers. My man Urban didn’t even see his first season to its conclusion. In fact, Urban Meyer lasted a total of 13 NFL football games as a NFL coach. The Jaguars are a smooth 2-11 on the season right about at the Detroit Lions level on the playing field.

One must ask, why did Urban fail to succeed at Jacksonville? I mean, he was super successful in college football at Utah, Florida and Ohio State. I can list my reasons for failure and the list is not short.

The first mistake he made was saying there was a quarterback competition between No. 1 pick Trevor Lawrence and Gardner Minshew. I say, come on man, nobody believes that, especially your locker room of players. The competition was short as Minshew was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Also, the joke of Tim Tebow invited out to training camp after being out of the NFL for nine years! Yes, he had not played in nine years! My first thought was what an insult to guys who could make the roster because Tebow was not going to. Did Urban bring in Tebow so he could rat out players and be Urban’s ear in the locker room? I suspect that to be true. The Urban era already losing credibility to his players in pre-season.

The next Urban blunder was saying players could be cut based on vaccinations. A real smart comment there “URBS!”

After the Thursday night loss to Cincinatti Urban decides he needs a lap dance from some lady at a club. I ask, can you be any dumber? The video went viral and the hot water coach Meyer was in became a scalding temperature.

In the last two weeks, news has surfaced of severe locker room tension and an incident of kicking a player. The rumors are he has called his assistant coaches stupid. Hey, you hired them. Did you not?

I have always questioned Urban Meyer’s character over the years, especially when he was the Florida Gators coach. I think he is a slime ball and he has done nothing to change my mind to be honest. I can tell you, the NFL and college are two entirely different environments. I look at how many coaches go to NFL from college and become successful head coaches and the answer is, not many.

The Jaguars wave bye to Urban and Darrell Bevell (Lions fans remember him?) becomes the interim head coach. The Jacksonville franchise right now makes the Lions organization look good! How is that even possible?

The Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl lost luster this week with the loss of two main players. The first was Kenneth Walker III declaring he was abstaining and getting ready for the NFL Draft. I bet the Spartans team was thrilled about that decision. The Pitt Panthers quarterback Kenny Pickett then followed suit and declared he was not playing in the bowl game either. I cannot tell you how much this not playing in the bowl games bothers me! I get that they don’t want to get hurt and cost themselves an NFL contract, but what it tells me is they are not team players and have no regard for their teammates and what they accomplished all season long. We can argue the point back and forth all day long, I just think they should play! What are you thoughts? I would love to read some e-mails from you readers with feedback.

The sports world is in a health care crisis with numerous positive COVID tests hitting teams. I think it’s going to affect stadium capacity and quality of play in all the sports. I see lots of NFL teams and NHL teams have been hit hard already. It is definitely worth keeping an eye on as we move forward in this pandemic world we live in now. I can be reached at thefatguy@mihomepaper.com.