Jameson column right on point

I wholeheartedly agree with Jalene Jameson’s April 2, 2020, “The View from Here” titled “Stop Politicizing the Pandemic”

Our President is substituting his egotistical need for attention at the expense of lives in our nation. He needs to step aside with his need for attention and let the medical experts guide our nation through this medical pandemic.

Placing the lives of our nation at risk with his conspiracy theory guided political rhetoric and personal wishes is medical malpractice at least and arguably attempted manslaughter as well. To suggest we need to trade lives for dollars, his words: “we can’t have the cure worse than the problem”, followed by his fear about an economic downturn making him look bad? Irresponsible from the leader of the greatest nation on earth.

Mr. President, please step aside and let our medical experts, those licensed in the practice, guide us with medical FACTS through this nightmare. Your personal actions suggest you do not have the skills, knowledge, or medical education needed to protect our nation from this disaster, THEY DO. Please take their advice and let them guide us through this. Lives will be saved.

Last, for you safety and those around you take your wife’s advice and wear a mask as a virus does not care about your vanity.

There is no price on life, none, money and economies can be replaced, lives cannot.

Let the experts guide us, PLEASE. — Donald D. Dunklee, Richfield Township