Just one day left to honor a Genesee County volunteer

FLINT — For 12 years, volunteers making a difference in our community have been honored with the Sybyl Award. The award is a tribute to Sybyl Atwood who served as program director for Volunteer Information Services at Resource Genesee.

Hurley Foundation has extended the 2020 nomination process to the end of this week to accommodate challenges brought on by the pandemic. They are asking that you let the community know they can nominate an exceptional volunteer at: www.hurleyfoundation.org/events/sybyl-award.

Honoring our volunteers is a selfless way to continue our community’s tradition of giving back. Volunteers are what make Genesee County such a special place to live and work. Some of the most recent recipients include Sally Shaheen Joseph, Karen Church, Wade Pyles, Ingrid Halling, Amy Cuneaz and Thomas Yeotis.

The virtual awards will be held 5:30 p.m. Feb. 18. Sponsorships and tickets are available at the above website. — G.G.