Keep Flint Township cleaner

Letters to the editor

I, as well as many other Flint Township citizens, am concerned about the amount of litter that is on our streets and highways. The snow has melted and we look like a third world country here. I have lived in seven foreign countries. I am embarrassed with our area when we have foreign visitor friends. The poor mentality of our area can change.

I have not seen in the VIEW any article encouraging businesses to clean their property. Citizens could be encouraged to take their drink cups and water bottles home to dispose of them in their trash cans. I live in a nice neighborhood and some residents place the trash and recycle at the curb at noon on Wednesday. Thus, it blows out and down the street. The VIEW could be a tremendous tool in our communities. Articles to remind the citizens of these things could help. How important is the appearance of our township?

I would appreciate this letter reaching the correct people.

B. A. Well

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