Kelder Real Estate Group offers new take on showing and selling homes

Kelder Real Estate Group combines professional real estate services with the latest technology to help clients sell their homes. Above is a screen capture from the one of the company’s 360-degree, virtual walk-throughs.

Kelder Real Estate Group combines professional real estate services with the latest technology to help clients sell their homes. Above is a screen capture from the one of the company’s 360-degree, virtual walk-throughs.

DAVISON — The team at Davison-based C&L Ward has been helping homeowners remodel, refresh and improve their homes for nearly 50 years. With their new Kelder Real Estate Group they are offering homeowners who are thinking about selling their home an innovative way to market and show their home ¬— minus a lot of the headaches and hassle that usually accompany that process.

Pat Ward, a second generation owner and president of C&L Ward, said he has had a passion for real estate for some time. “Over the last 10 years, with us buying a couple subdivisions and getting into home building, it has been a natural progression,” Ward says of starting their new realty division. “We’ve been having conversations with our clients for a long time about how much they should do and how much should they invest in their homes. We’re consulting on improvements to market a client’s home. Why not apply our expertise on helping them sell their home?”

Pat Ward

Pat Ward

While planning their move into the real estate services industry, Ward says he wanted to recruit experienced real estate professionals to lead that effort but also wanted to focus on clients’ needs. “There is a lot of stress and emotion in selling your home. We’re trying to make it stress-free. We’ve got some cool technology to do that,” Ward said.

That technology includes a guided 360-degree, virtual walk-through of the client’s home that can be accessed by interested buyers from anywhere they have an internet connection at just about any time.

Fawn Jerome is Kelder’s Real Estate sales manager and a licensed Realtor. She recently gave this writer a demonstration of her team’s virtual walk-through platform. Jerome emailed a link, similar to that of a Zoom online meeting, and greeted me at the virtual front door when I clicked the link. The guided, virtual walk-through, with video shot in 4K resolution, lasted about 20 minutes. During the session, we traded control of the tour, which allowed me check out all the rooms in the home, open bathroom and closet doors to see details, as well enter the garage and basement.

The convenience of a virtual tour is apparent as a benefit for both the seller and prospective buyers. The seller does not have the stress of multiple in-person showings which upset family routines and require the homeowner to be ready for a showing with little notice. The buyer can skip the travel and view multiple properties in the time it might otherwise take to visit a single site. For both parties, it makes finding the match of the right buyer and the right home a whole lot easier.

Jerome says the process of preparing the virtual tour is easy for the seller. “When we sit down to meet the first time, we try to knock everything down in one conversation. We’ll discuss about getting the client’s home ready to show and schedule the video shoot. The shoot itself takes about three to four hours for an average home. We can have it online and ready to start virtual showings within a week. Then we’ll schedule in-person showings for interested buyers all on the same day to limit interruptions for our clients,” she said.

Ward emphasized convenience to the seller, who are the clients that his company is representing. “This whole concept, we have to put ourselves in the shoes of the people selling their home and how do we make it convenient and fit into their schedule and have fewer people wandering through a home and eliminate unwanted traffic,” he said.

Jerome is equally committed to clients. “You hired a realtor that you like and trust and who better to trust with showing your home? By me personally giving a virtual tour of your home I can always show your home at its best without having to ask you to break up your family’s day and leave your home.”

With many people getting comfortable with using technology in new ways, both Ward and Jerome are excited about the launch of Kelder Real Estate Group to assist sellers in moving on to the next chapter in their homeowner journey. They are offering 17% off their regular listing fees for the next 30 days. For more information call 810-503-1170 or visit online.

— Wes Smith