Kettering hockey moves to Polar Palace

LAPEER— Hockey fans in Lapeer may be pleased to learn that for the first time in the venue’s history, the Polar Palace will be the home for college hockey. After skating several years at Burton’s Ice Mountain Arena, the Kettering University men’s hockey team has decided to make the Polar Palace their home rink.

“We’re just very excited that they have chosen to have the Polar Palace as their home ice, and we look forward to some exciting hockey games,” said Janet Mann, the general manager of the Polar Palace Arena Complex. “Everyone should come watch some exciting hockey.”

The Kettering coaches decided that it would be best for their program if they relocated to another venue. “It was the coaches decision,” said Mike Schaal, the recreation services director for Kettering University. “We’ve got a couple of coaches that work with our hockey team, and they just said that they like the Polar Palace better. I’ve actually never been to the facility, but it was the coaches decision, and I supported that.”

The decision to move, however, was not necessarily an easy one, considering the fact that there were other venues in the area to be looked at before reaching a conclusion.

“In the Flint-area we’ve actually got three ice arenas. There’s Ice Mountain, Iceland Arena and Perani (Arena),” added Schaal. “Perani is nice, that’s where the old Flint Generals and current Michigan Warriors skate, but it’s so hard to get consistent ice there with all of the activities they have going on. They’ve got the circus, they’ve got the Warriors, U-of-M-Flint plays there, so just the availability wasn’t great. The coaches just felt that the Polar Palace is a better venue, and like I said, I supported that decision.” — B.P.

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