Kids should be in school if district wants millage passed

On Sept. 8, 2020, the Flushing schools had been scheduled to have in-class sessions. The Flushing school board decided not to hold in class sessions after their board meeting in August.

Our students have not been in class since March; however, the seniors received a diploma and all others students were advanced to the next grade.

Now we are looking at another semester or longer with students not being in class. Does the school board really believe the students are receiving an adequate education when the students are not in school? If online classes are adequate for the education of our students then maybe we do not need all the teachers and school buildings.

Did this decision involve the parents, residents and taxpayers? Or was it based solely on pressure from the teacher’s union?

The millage that funds the schools is a contract between the school system and the taxpayers to provide classroom instruction for the students. When I voted for the school millage, I did not vote for virtual school! We were expected to pay our property taxes on Sept.14 to fund the schools. Yet the schools are not open.

Until our schools are providing in class instruction, I would encourage all voters to not pass any renewals or requests for new millage. Please vote NO on Nov. 3. — Denise Fotenakes, Flushing