Koepka drowns out Tiger’s latest roar for title

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The PGA Championship did not disappoint the golfing world last weekend with all the Sunday drama at Bellerive Country Club in St. Louis. It was literally on-theedge of-your-seat golf action. The fact that I predicted Tiger Woods to fall on his face and have no chance, please forgive me. Tiger didn’t win, but the old Tiger was back for this weekend.

The problem was, Brooks Koepka, the U.S. Open champion, wanted to add another major golf title on his resume this summer. Brooks was trying to put away Tiger, Justin Thomas and Adam Scott. I think the most amazing part for Brooks was that everyone was rooting for and hollering for Tiger to win.

Brooks sealed the deal with birdies at No. 15 and 16 to wrap up his PGA Championship title.

I thought the fact that Adam Scott was in contention was super special, as his close friend, Jarrod Lyle, died this week from cancer. What a story that would have been winning the PGA title in honor of his friend.

Tiger did all he could to secure his 15th major, but fell a couple of shots short. I could not believe all the shots being tossed at the pin on that back nine. It was so exciting to watch and in the end, Brooks Koepka survived. I like watching Brooks play and he, to me, flys under the radar. I really don’t understand why, either. Brooks is a man to deal with on the PGA Tour, so watch out Tour players.

Work to be done by Lions

The Detroit Lions’ first preseason game is in the books! The Lions went to the Left Coast to take on the Oakland Raiders and suffered a 16-10 defeat. We all know it was the return of Jon Gruden to the NFL sidelines after leaving that cushy Monday Night Football gig. I wonder if every Raider player is great like he thought when he was in the booth? I would bet not!

How about the ex-Spartan quarterback, Connor Cook, tossing a touchdown pass? The Lions’ Matt Stafford sat on the sidelines for this football game and I think that is a smart move. Stafford does not need to play in a meaningless preseason game. The Lions’ Matt “Sand” Cassel, the grisly veteran, went 10-for-18 and 81 yards. The ex-Wolverine, Jake Rudock, was 12-for-19 and 84 yards. I believe this will be a tremendous battle to watch to see who will back up Matt Stafford.

Do you remember when I said rookie running back Kerryon Johnson looked good in camp? Well, he looked real good against the Oakland Raiders running and catching the ball.

The next game for our beloved Lions is August 17 at home against the New York Giants. I will not be attending, in case you were curious. I am currently plugging in the crystal cheeseball for my red-hot picks that will happen here in 2018.

Drooling for college football

The college football season is not far away and the Big Ten East side of the conference is loaded with good teams. The battle that will happen between Penn State, Ohio State, Michigan and Michigan State is going to be a battle of attrition. I could see all four teams finishing in the top 25 college football rankings at the end of the year. It’s a shame all four are in the East Division. The West Division is so weak that Wisconsin could play their second team players and win it. I say that tongue in cheek, but Wisconsin is by far the best team in the West.

I am salivating for college football season. The fact that Sparty and the Wolverines have high expectations makes it even tougher to wait for! The Buckeyes and the Urban Meyer situation should be resolved here within the week. How about that decision and its potential impact? thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

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