Lackluster effort

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Hey, Detroit Lions … all I can say right now is this. Really? These two preseason football games have not been very good, in my opinion. The offense has been just down right brutal, to be quite frank. This is supposed to be a high-flying offense putting up points. I have not seen the scoreboard light up yet! The football game against the Cleveland Browns was an absolutely pitiful performance. The Lions act like a playoff team waiting for the regular season to start. Someone please send an email to the team letting them know they were an atrocious 4-12 in 2012.

How about a little effort and excitement here in the preseason? How can we be excited as Lions fans watching these last two football games? The answer is, you can’t! The penalties alone in the Browns game were the same stupid penalties we see all regular season long. My Jim Schwartz patience as coach is wavering on a very thin line. He is no disciplinarian, I can tell you that right now. The Lions aren’t good enough to overcome stupid penalties. I realize it’s only preseason and I shouldn’t be getting bent out of shape already. Heck, in the 0-16 year the Lions went 4-0 in the preseason. I want to see improvement, not lackluster garbage from the “kitty cats.”

Okay, that’s enough venting on the “meows” for now. I have to remember it’s only preseason. I am, however, plugging in the crystal cheese ball and warming it up for my red hot NFL picks here this upcoming season. The NFL opener is right around the corner with the Baltimore Ravens and the Denver Broncos. Bring on some Manning and Flacco; the Fat Guy is ready for some real football.

Cabrera a must see

The Detroit Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera is an absolute stud. Do you people who are Tigers’ fans realize what a great baseball player you are privileged to watch on a daily basis? He has a shot at back-to-back triple crowns if he can catch Chris Davis in home runs. Davis just keeps launching bombs in Baltimore and Miggy can’t catch him. Mr. Davis has 45 and Miggy 40. In those lost games, Miggy has hurt his chances. However, I wouldn’t rule out Miguel just yet. I am so captivated every time Cabrera comes to the plate. He hardly ever disappoints us Tigers fans. He is one of a kind and I truly hope you Tigers’ fans realize it. It will be a long time before another player of his caliber comes along in the Ole English D.

I know Max Scherzer is 18-1 and having a Cy Young-type season. I bet you Tigers’ fans don’t know that Anibal Sanchez is number three in earned run average in the American League. He has a 2.50 ERA trailing only Felix Hernandez and Hiroki Kuroda. What a season Sanchez is having here in 2013. Justin Verlander needs to pick it up. I don’t like what I am seeing from the “Ace” of the staff. Justin has a month and a half to get his act together. It’s all about October for him and all us Tigers’ fans.

I am glad to see Omar Infante back at second base. The Tigers need his offense at second base. I am ready for playoff baseball and a run to the World Series! Are You?

Lane change

The last race at MIS in Brooklyn, Michigan took place Sunday. The winner was Joey Logano. I am sure it was not who most race fans went down see to win. Oh well; he crossed the finish line first! Sorry, Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, and Dale Jr. fans!

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