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The Lions did not disappoint the Green Bay Packers or the State of Wisconsin last Sunday. “Why,” you ask? Well, the Detroit “Die Downs” love losing to the Packers. The loss on Sunday made it 23 straight. That is absolutely ridiculous, if you ask me.

The Lions were so lackluster on offense Sunday it made me want to puke. Calvin Johnson is a great wide receiver and football player, make no bones about that, he was missed due to his knee injury and he might have made a difference and yet he might not have. I felt like the Lions played the entire game with no enthusiasm or desire. Matthew Stafford was erratic and made numerous overthrows and no one blocked on the offensive line. The Packers defense had five sacks in the game. Dominic Raiola was more concerned with harassing the band for Cripe’s sake. I will stand up and applaud the defense for its performance. It held the Packers to five field goals on the afternoon. The Green Bay touchdowns came late in the football game. The bottom line is, Detroit expected to lose in Green Bay and they accomplished their goal. Nice effort, Lions, you should be proud of yourselves! Go have a few barley pops on my tab this week! I better see a better effort this Sunday in Cleveland. The Lions are a better football team than the Cleveland Browns.

Missing the O

The Detroit Tigers lost Monday to the Oakland A’s, 6-3. The Oakland A’s now hold a 2-1 series lead over the Tigers. I must ask the question, where is this mighty Tigers’ offense at? It looks to me like the Tigers are having a 2012 World Series flashback at the plate. Zero hits, I say! Zero @#$ hits! Maybe the Tigers ought to sue the Louisville Slugger company for sending bats with no hits in them! Just a thought.

Austin Jackson has been totally worthless, as usual. Miggy and Prince are hitting like the eight and nine hitters instead of three and four hitters. Avila? Well, he is Avila, what can you say? The word clutch is basically vacant from this line up. A game of Scrabble would have to be played to find the word clutch for Tigers’ hitters. The signs for this were evident in the last series against the pitiful Miami Marlins when Detroit didn’t hit. Right, Jaybird? I am tired of the Detroit “Swings and Misses” Tigers in the post season. Detroit will be eliminated by the Oakland A’s and we all as Tiger fans can sit around and fix them all winter long. I feel bad. Mr. Pizza Mike Ilitch wants to bring a World Series to Motown in the worst way.

Winged Wheels

The Detroit Red Wings opened up the season with a couple of victories before losing to the Boston Bruins. I watched most of game one and a little bit of game two. The Red Wings will be fine this year. A powerhouse? No. A respectable playoff team? Yes. I think they will get better as the season goes along. It’s tough for me to get into hockey when baseball playoffs are on and football all at the same time.

Michigan and Michigan State both came out victorious in Big Ten play over the weekend. Michigan State took down Iowa and Michigan took down the Minnesota Golden Gophers.

Here’s this week’s NFL picks. Roll’ em Victor.

CHICAGO -8 over Giants
Oakland +10 over KC
Philadelphia -1 over TAMPA
BALTIMORE +3 over Green Bay
Detroit -3 over CLEV
MINNESOTA -2 over Carolina
St. Louis +7 over HOUSTON
Pittsburgh -2.5 over N.Y. JETS
Cincinnati -8 over BUFFALO
SEATTLE -13.5 over Tennessee
DENVER -7.5 over Jacksonville
Arizona +12 over SAN FRAN
N.Orleans +1.5 overNEW ENG
Washington +6 over DALLAS
SAN DIEGO +1 over Indianapolis
SEASON : 32-41-4

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