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FLINT — Amazing class was demonstrated by the Lapeer Lightning freshmen football team at Carman- Ainsworth on Wednesday. After being told by the Carman-Ainsworth announcer that the national anthem would not be played, Lapeer’s team stood proud, saluted the flag and sung it themselves. The Lapeer fans and crowd stood with them for every note! “Very proud to be a Lightning mom, tonight,” shared Lori Thiell.

Carman-Ainsworth Supt. Eddie Kindle issued the following statement about the school’s policy on playing the national anthem.

“Last evening at Carman-Ainsworth Middle School we had two football games in which we hosted freshman vs. Lapeer High School and junior varsity vs. Saginaw Arthur Hill High School. It is our practice to play the national anthem before the highest level of competition which was the junior varsity football game (which is also a similar and common practice among many high schools across the state of Michigan). When the first game began against Lapeer High School, the announcer stated that the national anthem would be played prior to the second game against Saginaw Arthur Hill. After this announcement, the Lapeer team and visitor section stood and sang the national anthem.”

The statement continued: “Unfortunately, we received some complaints from parents who were attending the freshman game in support of the Lapeer team’s actions and our failure to play the national anthem before their game. Some of the statements that were made to Kevin Foltz, Athletic Director, indicated that we refused to play the national anthem; this information is completely inaccurate. Carman-Ainsworth did not, and has never “refused”, to play the national anthem. Our common practice, which we will continue to communicate, is that during an event in which there are multiple games, we will play the national anthem before the highest level of competition.” – L.P.

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