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The World Series teams are all set and we will have a new World Series champions in 2017. The Los Angeles Dodgers took out last year’s World Series champs, the Chicago Cubs, in five games. The Dodgers, who won 104 ball games over the season, will represent the National League. The Houston Astros defeated the New York Yankees in seven games with a 4-0 win in game seven. The Houston Astros were winners of 100 games and will represent the American League.

The last time the World Series had two teams that won 100 games or more each? We have to go back to the 1970 World Series between the Baltimore Orioles and the Cincinnati Reds. The span of 47 years makes this a rare feat in seeing two 100-or-more-wins in the World Series. The L.A. Dodgers have not been to the World Series since 1988 and that Kirk Gibson team took out the Oakland A’s.

Who could ever forget that World Series? I remember it like it was yesterday. The Houston Astros are not that far removed from three straight 100-loss seasons. How about 2013 when they lost 111 times. The nickname of the club was the “Lastros” It took the Houston club until 2014 when it posted a 70-92 record to stop the 100-loss seasons. Tiger fans, this could be the Tigers path over the next couple of seasons. I say get prepared for it.

The World Series will feature some great pitching from both teams. The Houston Astros will feature three good ones in Dallas Keuchel, Justin Verlander and Lance McCullers. The Dodgers have the tremendous Clayton Kershaw, who could pitch three games if necessary. The Dodgers also have a tremendous closer in Kenley Jansen. The trade the Astros made to acquire Justin Verlander looks like the trade of the postseason. The last four starts for ALCS MVP Justin Verlander is 4-0 with a 1.46 ERA and three of these starts were playoff games. I will confidently state if J.V. was a borderline Hall of Famer, as I believe he is, a couple of World Series gems and a Houston World Series win will get him in the Hall of Fame. The pitching zone J.V. is in right now is nasty! I imagine numerous Tiger fans, me included, are pulling for J.V. and the Houston Astros. I also enjoy watching the play of Jose Altuve of the Astros. What a ball player this guy is and how many times was he told no because of his size? I bet a lot of times, but he proved them all wrong. Who do I like to win the World Series? My heart says Houston, but I am picking the L.A. Dodgers because I think the Dodgers’ closer is better and their hitting is a little bit better than Houston’s.

Winning ugly

The Michigan State Spartans defeated a stubborn Indiana football team last Saturday. The game was an ugly one on offense and looked bleak for Sparty heading into the fourth quarter. However, two late touchdowns saved the Spartans from defeat. The Spartans will take on Northwestern at 3:30 p.m. on ESPN this Saturday.

The Michigan Wolverines were smoked by Penn State like I said they would. It’s time for a quarterback change at Michigan, in my opinion. The offense is offensive to watch. The Wolverines will be at home to play Rutgers at high noon on the Big Ten Network.

Under new management

The Detroit Tigers’ new manager is a name we all know in Ron Gardenhire. Ron was the manager for the Minnesota Twins for numerous years. I like the hire and really thought this was the man for the job when the Tigers hired Brad Ausmus. The rebuilding job will be tough on Gardenhire, but he knows what he is getting into. The Tigers are going to youth and the next three years will look like the 100-loss Astros team did.

Prime Time slate for Kitties

The Detroit Lions have a prime time game Sunday night at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Lions’ division is wide open now that Aaron Rodgers suffered a more-than-likely season ending injury. This should be a great football game, in my opinion. The Lions need a home win. thefatguy@mihomepaper.com.

NFL Football Picks:
BALTIMORE – 3 over Miami
CLEVELAND + 9 over Minnesota
Chicago + 9 over NEW ORLEANS
Atlanta – 4 over NEW YORK JETS
TAMPA BAY – 2 over Carolina
San Francisco + 11 over PHILADELPHIA
BUFFALO – 2.5 over Oakland
CINCINNATI – 10 over Indianapolis
L.A. Chargers + 7.5 over New England
Houston + 6 over SEATTLE
WASHINGTON – pk over Dallas
DETROIT + 3 over Pittsburgh
Denver + 7.5 over KANSAS CITY
LAST WEEK: 8-6-1, SEASON: 58 44-2

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