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The Detroit Lions have a new coach in Jim Caldwell. The Lions’ nation all perceived Ken Whisenhunt to be the new coach and leader, however, Whisenhunt decided to take the Tennessee Titans job and spurn Detroit.

Why would Ken want to coach a team with less talent and quarterback issues? It can only be a couple of things: The money and length of the contract being two of them. Another could be control over the personnel of the football team.

A few other rumors are he liked the city of Nashville over the city of Detroit.

Another rumor is he didn’t like the salary cap situation in Detroit. Calvin Johnson, Matt Stafford and Ndomukong Suh eat up a lot of the Lions’ money in just three players. What’s really amazing to me is that Kenny lost his job in Arizona because all of his quarterbacks stunk — John Skelton, Kevin Kolb and Matt Leinart just to name three that come to mind.

Good luck in Tennessee Kenny Whisenhunt, you are going to need it! The Lions coveted you to be the bride and you turned out to be Bridezilla!

The Titans stink worse than the Detroit Lions and I think you made a bad choice in leaving the Lions at the altar!

The Lions get the bridesmaid in Jim Caldwell. Boy, I am I excited; NOT! Jim has a career record of 26-22 and lost the 2009 Super Bowl as the Indianapolis Colts were defeated by the Saints. Peyton missed the 2011 season and Caldwell went 2-14 and was given the ziggy. He took over for Cam Cameron as Baltimore’s offensive coordinator last year in December. Baltimore went on to win the Super Bowl. How much of that was he part of? I say, probably not much.

This year, as Baltimore’s coordinator, the offense was just 29th in the NFL. The offense was 25th in points scored with 320 points. Joe Flacco threw 22 interceptions to 19 touchdown passes!

Absolutely horrible! They say Caldwell can tutor Matty Stafford? Flacco’s numbers don’t show me he is a quarterback guru? Does it to you?

Jim Caldwell is a horrific in-game coach! I watched him with Indianapolis pull headscratcher after headscratcher move! Great, we get another one of these bad in game managers! More clock and time out disasters are a coming, Lions fans. He has the personality of paint drying, to boot. I sure hope Jimmy realizes this is his last head coaching job ever! Only one Detroit Lions’ coach has become a head coach in the NFL ever again. Well, since George Wilson was let go by the Lions in 1964. Wilson was the last Lions’ coach to win a NFL Championship, so we know how long ago that was! So, to that I say, enjoy being the Lions’ 26th head coach ever; it’s probably going to be your last.

I wish Caldwell all the luck in the world and I hope he proves me wrong, but he won’t! I’ll be the first to eat some crow if he turns the Lions into a playoff team next season. I do feel the next offensive coordinator in Detroit will be a critical hire. The offense and Matt Stafford needs lots of help. We, as Lions fans, need lots of help to keep believing and not be let down by this football team! Do you, as Lions fans, like this hire? If so, or if you don’t, email me. I would like your thoughts, please!


The AFC has the Manning vs Brady matchup once again. Tom owns the matchup winning 10 of the 14 games. New England is a 4.5 underdog to the Denver Broncos in Denver. I like the Patriots to cover and win this football game. Pats 31 and Broncos 30. The NFC has Seattle as a 3.5 favorite over San Francisco. This will be a knock out defensive brawl. I like the Seahawks 20 and San Francisco 13. thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

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