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“The general problem with main stream medical when evaluating and treating joint pain is that we tend to rely on anti inflammatories or surgeries which are only acute care or emergency approaches but in most cases joint pain is a degenerative condition and there are no pills or surgery that will slow down or reverse this sort of degenerative process”, the Patient Advocate at the Fenton clinic, Painless Treatment Centers of Michigan, home to Painless Medical & Painless Chiropractic. The majority of people that suffer rely on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs which attribute to about 16,500 NSAID-related deaths each year with osteoarthritis patients alone, however… if left untreated the condition can lead to further joint or nerve damage, causing the need of a cane, walker or complete loss of the ability to walk, even amputation in some cases. a good fit for the program and that they will get results. I guess that’s why we have such a good reputation.” said Kaitlin, head of administration at the Fenton Clinic. IMAGINE A LIFE WITHOUT PAIN… With recent advancements in insurance coverage, technology and treatment options, clinics all over the are seeing larger success rates and faster results for their chronic, degenerative, joint pain patients. “These new regenerative options, paired with a multifaceted approach, has been life altering for our patients, their families and our clinic. We have only just begun spreading the good word about many of the successful protocols our clinic offers and there has yet to be one that has been anything less then miraculous. Our referrals have tripled due to positive results… It’s just really heartwarming to see people so happy.” said Courtney the scheduling coordinator. weekend will count, as long as they can reach you by phone next week. My advice, don’t suffer any longer, waiting around for it to get worse… If you or your loved one is experiencing swelling , tenderness, degeneration of cartilage or tissues, locking of joints, cracking or popping, decreased range of motion, weakness, pain after activity or after inactivity, discomfort when climbing stairs or rising from a seated position, or any of the other horrible issues or loss that joint pain can cause, take action because it will progress and surgery should always be the last resort. Don’t wait, find out if the their Joint Pain Protocols can help you regain the strength and get rid of the pain in your joints! Over the years the Painless team has made quite the name for themselves. They have successfully helped thousands of patients with chronic conditions of Neuropathy, Sciatica, working hand in hand to provide our community with the best treatment options available. They will work together with your primary care doctor, as primary care is not a service they offer but in the majority of cases a referral is not needed. The team is well known for tackling chronic conditions and has a good reputation. The vast majority of their patients enjoy superior, lasting relief. In fact, many who have suffered and tried other treatment options with no luck, only to have been told that they are just stuck with their pain and discomfort, have credited the Painless care team for giving them their lives back! Call Now at their new Fenton location, for a full, thorough Consultation and extensive Joint Pain Examination at $49 (saving you $218) to determine the severity of your Joint Problems and learn if and how, the Painless Team can help you recover, just as they have helped so many others. 810-957-4505