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Wake me when it’s over please! What am I talking about, you ask? The Lions game on Sunday was absolutely brutal to watch on television. I ate a bowl of sugar just so I wouldn’t fall asleep.

I want to know how a team that is going for a playoff spot looks so lackluster and mentally awful. I mean, it’s not like the Lions have decades of winning and making the playoffs is a ho-hum affair. The “Same Old Lions” would have lost the football game on a performance like that in previous years. However, the in-withthe new-and-out-with-the-old-Lions found a way to win this pitiful football game. It was like the Lions were just waiting to be beat by the Horny Helmets of Minnesota. I will say if Teddy “Water Under the” Bridgewater doesn’t throw those two interceptions before the end of the first half, the Lions fans go home witnessing a home loss and the Vikings watch the Lions looking at their playoff lives hanging by a spaghetti noodle on a fork. However, the playoffs now are one single win away from the Lions being in. It’s simple math Lions faithful: we win on Sunday in Chicago against the Bears and a playoff berth awaits. Lose on Sunday and its curtains. Detroit has a zero shot of defeating the Packers in week 17 in Green Bay. I will say this, though, I hope the game against the Packers is for the NFC North crown. I want to see what the Lions are really made of and how bad they want to be the number-two seed in the NFC, if it works out that way. Sunday should be a win as I watched the Bears on Monday Night Football and they are terrible and awful. The Bears’ football team looks like it has quit playing on a competitive level for this season. Jay Cutler looks like he just wants the season to end. Fat Guy prediction: Roar Into Playoffs 31 and Time To Hide in Den 20. The Lions are in the playoffs!

Overkill or oversaturation?

The college bowl season starts on Saturday afternoon. I want you to take one guess how many bowl games there will be this bowl season? The answer is, a staggering 39 bowl games! I guess if you love college football, over the holidays, your television will be very busy. I really think it’s overkill personally; too many teams go bowling. I’m really not much for 6-6 teams playing in a bowl game to be honest. The best thing that has happened though is New Year’s Day is back to meaningful football games like the good ole days. The two college football playoff games are played that day. The ratings for these two games will be sky high. I wish all of you who enter bowl pools good luck. I want to say this, too, every Big Ten football team is an underdog this bowl season! I don’t ever remember that happening; ever. What’s that tell you how bad the Big Ten Conference is looked upon by Las Vegas? Bad. Bad, Bad, Bad!

On the fence

The Detroit Tigers traded Rick Porcello to the Boston Red Sox in exchange for outfielder Yoenis Cespedes. I know numerous fans didn’t want to part with Porcello and I am on the fence with the move. However, I realize the Tigers needed an outfielder who can hit. The Tigers’ line up just featured too many automatic outs in it. The one thing is, in order to get something good in a trade you have to give up something good. The Tigers did go out and get Alfredo Simon a starting pitcher from the Cincinnati Reds. He is a good pitcher for those of you that have never watched him pitch. I think the Tigers have a shot at Max Scherzer, but it’s still a longshot. Max wants way too much money and if have been paying attention, not a lot of teams are offering him the money. The Chicago White Sox are making some nice moves I feel. The southsider’s pitching is much improved with the addition of Jeff Samardzija and closer David Robertson. The American League Central just got tougher.

Here are this week’s NFL picks, as I
have suffered through two horrible weeks.
JACKSONVILLE – 3 over Tennessee
SAN FRAN – 2.5 over San Diego
Philadelphia – 8 over WASHINGTON
Minnesota + 6.5 over MIAMI
Green Bay – 10 over TAMPA BAY
Detroit – 4.5 over CHICAGO
Atlanta + 6.5 over NEWORLEANS
PITTSBURGH – 3over Kansas City
CAROLINA – 4 over Cleveland
Baltimore – 4.5 over HOUSTON
ST. LOUIS – 5 over NY Giants
OAKLAND + 6 over Buffalo
DALLAS- 3 over Indianapolis
SEATTLE – 8 over Arizona
CINCINATTI + 3.5 over Denver
LAST WEEK: 6-10 SEASON: 111-
110-4 BEST BET: 6-7

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