Letter author wants to abandon American rights

I’m responding to the May 7 letter to the editor from Ms. Murphy. Your title reads; Pandemic is a Global Crisis”. I have also read the letter from Mary Mieczkowski, you title reads “Country needs to get over fear of COVID-19”. I understand that everyone has and opinion and that opinions are like certain body parts but if I agreed with Ms. Murphy’s opinion we would both be wrong. Mary Mieczkowski said “this doesn’t mean that we should be foolish and take unnecessary risks with our lives” which I concur with.

Ms. Murphy with her socialist position said President Trump called to “Liberate Michigan”, but what she forgot to say is that the President also said, “Liberate the United States”. Ms. Murphy sounds like she wants us to forfeit our 1st. and 2nd amendments, which is a socialist strategy, because she is tired of people demonstrating to go back to work and provide for their families. Ms. Murphy also refers to macho acting armed men but conveniently forgets to say there were macho acting women at the demonstration too, maybe that’s because they didn’t have pink hats on (using pink yarns or fabrics designed to be a positive form of protest for Trump’s inauguration). — Michael Matheny, Grand Blanc