Letter expressed misinformation, falsehoods

This letter is not about the (recent) election, but the false information Mr. Purdy wrote in the April 22 edition.

While Mr. Purdy is entitled tis opinion, unfortunately he expressed misinformation and falsehoods. I would like to set the record straight.

Mr. Purdy loses all credibility when he:

Refers to Gaines Township as a metropolitan area. Actually, it is frequently referred to as Mayberry.; It consists of almost all residential and farmland with a few small businesses. No way metropolitan.

When he chaired a meeting a few years ago where he promised a resident he would allow others to speak before he would adjourn the meeting, he went back on his word and adjourned the meeting.

When he and other board members held a meeting at a church (for some reason) the residents were not allowed to record it (contrary to this being legal to record a public meeting). At this meeting Mr. Purdy claimed he had some information and told a resident in attendance that he would get back to them on their question at the next meeting. But he did not show up. I asked him at this meeting how they could be objective. He responded, “what does that mean?”

Where does Mr. Purdy get these wild accusations that any of these mostly gray-haired senior citizens are criminals because they try to be proper and inform people that they were a group know as citizens for awareness? Or that any of them think they are their own police of maybe because they gave a farmer a ticket for driving his tractor on the road makes him a criminal.

He tried to refute that the state of Michigan sent Gaines Township a letter reprimanding/scolding them for not being financially responsible. It’s out there on social media, if not you can (request it under) the Freedom of Information Act. — Bob Henderson, Gaines Township