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Government forcing roundabout on us just because money is there

Just read your article about government in today’s Flint Township View. I totally agree with your comments and have been meaning to write something similar to the paper, and anyone else who will pay attention.

Re: Roundabout at Court & Dye. The Genesee County Road Commision has stated they don’t need our permission, but wanted Flint Township to pay part of the cost, which was voted down. The GCRC said it would slow down traffic.

What is slower than a stop sign? Decrease accidents? Ha! If drivers have not learned since high school how to smoothly navigate a 4-way stop how long will it take them to learn to navigate a roundabout? Avoid traffic backups? Ha! There is very little traffic back ups except a few during work commuting morning or evening.

Wait time may be one minute, tops. I drive that intersection daily and sometimes more than once a day. Never saw anything close to an accident and the same with my friend who has traveled that intersection for 25 years. The governing body also has no regard for the disruption of property owners bordering the area.

A traffic signal would cost to much? More than a roundabout? Oh, yes, it is free government money paying for it, so it should be accepted. Government doesn’t realize where ‘FREE’ money comes from? Can you spell taxes? Once built it cannot be undone. The only persons benefiting will be the ones being paid to build it. My opinion.

Yvonne Sova, Flint Township

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