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Government continues to control our lives

Flint Township has some major problems in figuring out what the difference is between parking and storage. In the current financial environment you would think they would have bigger problems, like empty homes and business, or the blight in some places in the township.

I received a letter from Mike Myatt, code enforcement officer for Flint Township. The letter states: “It shall be unlawful for the owner, tenant, or lessee of any lot in residential zoning district to permit the open storage or outdoor parking of semi-tractor and/or semi-trailers.”

The definition of storage is the main problem as it does not state no parking of semi-tractors. I live on Dye Road, one-half mile from the township office. I have one neighbor to the north of me and a huge field to the south.

Said stored semi-tractor is parked in my turn around in between loads. It is never parked for more than four days at a time. It blocks no one’s view, or is in no way a traffic hazard. The township suggests I pay to park it over on Bristol Road at a place that rents the space. I do not store this tractor, it is parked in MY driveway between loads. I do not live in a neighbor hood which I am committed to association rules for this very reason. I have been in this home for six years.

I have put in a picket fence, trimmed the trees and shrubs, mulched and planted hundreds of dollars of flowers in my yard. I keep the grass mowed weekly, even the ditch that they redid and recently with such a steep angle it is near impossible to mow, even with a self propelled mower.

My property assessment came this week telling me this home is now worth almost two-thirds less than I bought it for, and one half what I still owe on the mortgage. Really? You are making a issue about this? Where does a little common sense come into this picture? I pay more than $1,400 a year in property tax to the township to this kind of ignorant misguided authority.

Mr. Myatt told me if I park it here, in my drive, even overnight, he will ticket me, with a large fine. So in between loads I should pay to store it somewhere else. How is it we pay to own our property with the mortgage payments and pay property taxes and still have someone tell us something so stupid? Is there anything the government does not want to control in our lives?

Suzanne Olsey, Flint Township

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