Letters to the editor

Assault was product of environment

I appreciate the three issues received and am hoping for your newspaper’s success. The writing seems professional and I enjoy reading your personal VIEWS. I would like to comment, however, on your latest column.

The assault you wrote of was indeed a cruel thing but your remark about witnessing the corporal punishment the assaulting child received certainly explains why that boy has so much rage and where he is learning that abuse and assault of vulnerable persons is an acceptable way to behave.

Church group, huh? — Betty

Wilkins, Flint Township

State subsidized media would be a mistake

I have been reading the Flint
for over 50 years and am concerned with the governmental trends to take over more and more of control of American lives. Your column on subsidizing of news media by public funding is another concern of many of your readers and I think you are correct in your ideas that it would create more problems than it would correct. Be optimistic that the future will improve many of our problems. — J. K. Lugger, Flint

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