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Reaction to letter concerning type of childhood cancer

In regard to the letter written Sept. 23 by Prof. Frank Friedman regarding “Help Fight Childhood Cancer” — Though Wilms tumor is common, it has one of the best prognosis. More than 80 percent of patients, even those with stage 4 disease become long-term survivors. This is strikingly in contrast to a very dismal result we used to have 50 years ago. Thus this is one of the showcase cancers to show how advances in the treatment improved the outlook of a cancer.

On the other hand, renal cell carcinoma in children like in adults has still a dismal outlook, if it is not resectable (removable) surgically, though presently several targeted therapy trials are going on. These trials are giving some hope that the prognosis may improve in the near future. It is very important to give a positive aspect. — Dr. Susumu Inoue, oncologist

and pediatric childhood cancer

specialist at Hurley Medical Center

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