Letters to the editor

Trail too close to home

First of all, love your paper. It’s nice to see what is going on in our local government and township. But I find it also is one-sided; not everyone is head over heals on the new trail/bike path. I live on a street that runs parallel to the old tracks. Myself and many of neighbors don’t see it as a nice summer day with a young couple and their Golden Retriever walking along the trail. We see a b-line from one of the worst crime areas in the nation, past our houses to the mall.

From the vantage point of the path one could case your home. The path also is a perfect escape route with the advantage to the wrong doer. Sure, the township police will patrol it with their golf cart and patrol cars adjacent to the path, but one quick move from a criminal to the north or south to avoid apprehension and they’re gone. The force is already stressed with the increase of crime in this neighborhood due to a failing economy. Now we build them a path for criminal activities in and out of the mall.

I am not against progress and furthering the atmosphere of our community, putting people to work, giving our residents a place to exercise and walk. I’m against the proximity of the path through our neighborhood with its elevated height over the residence, and the overgrowth on each side of the path that would give the advantage to a wrong doer.

In fact as far as having people build this path and putting people to work, that’s what I do for a living. I’m a foreman for a company out of New Hudson. We build roads, parking lots, bike paths and so on. Yes, we build these things, grade them and have paved, but I have never had to look down from a elevated position, and see someone doing their laundry or eating dinner. — Dennis O’Donnel, Flint


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