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Letter carriers picking up food May 12

On Saturday, May 12, 2012, all across America, Letter Carriers will be picking up non perishable food items left by mail boxes along their routes in what is known as our Nation’s Largest One-Day Food Drive.

Statistics compiled by “Feeding America” reveal that 27.5 percent of the children in Genesee County, live in what is now called “Food In-Secure” households”. Due to high unemployment or underemployment, sky-high food and gasoline prices, providing for the most basic of needs being a hardship to families and seniors, unprecedented budget cuts to federal nutrition programs and to federal commodities, the success of the Letter Carrier’s Food Drive has never been as crucial as this year’s drive.

With most school breakfast and lunch programs suspended during the summer months, being able to provide the nutritional needs of these children, poses yet another hardship for parents struggling to meet the costs of the barest of basic needs such as food, utilities, shelter and transportation. This not just a Flint problem. This a reality to many families throughout the entire Genesee County area.

Hunger wears many faces. One can of soup, one box of cereal, one bag of noodles, could make the difference in whether or not a child will have enough to eat on any given day. Those who can in our community, are being asked to help make a difference on Saturday, May 12 by leaving non perishable food items by their mailboxes for their letter carriers to pick up. You can rest assured someone will be thanking you when they sit down to a meal.

For further information you can contact Cindy Cromwell, AFL-CIO CSL at United Way of Genesee County at 810- 762-5827. — Cindy Cromwell, AFL-CIO Community Services Liaison, United Way of Genesee County

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