Letters to the editor

Another take on the Star Wars sale

The one good thing from this possible fiasco … George (Lucas) is donating the entire $4 billion plus to education. He has set up a foundation for the future fans. Bless him for that. I wondered why he didn’t strike a deal with DreamWorks or some other smaller studio, but the deed is done.

One oddity is I took Jar Jar to my heart. No one else wanted him and he reminded me of me as a kid, when I wasn’t wanted either. Must be the mom in me! Then being the mom, I also named my son Ben, after Obi-wan. My Ben was born the week Star Wars debuted locally in 1977. When I need guidance geek wise from him, I call him Obiwan. When I am (upset) as all get out, he is Benjamin.

I too still have my original tapes of Star Wars … on Beta! And I have a working Sony Beta machine, just for them and all the Star Trek episodes I collected over the years. They sit nicely next to my vinyl albums and old 45s.

Live long and prosper! We are a two franchise family! — Jan Scholl, Flushing

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