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I was sitting here the other day trying to see how many vanity plates I’d collected in recent weeks to see if I could offer them up as a column this week. If you haven’t read my column in the past, it’s something I like to do occasionally.

In fact, it’s the license plates and stories about my kids readers tell me they enjoy most. So I try to give the readers what they want — only this time I’ll admit I didn’t spend much time collecting them since my last offering. I guess I’ve just been busy.

But never fear, others have come to my rescue. My girlfriend Anita has sent me several entertaining plates she’s seen recently by text message, so I called them up on my phone and here they are:

4HYRMAN – Is this a man for hire? If so, what does he do? Anita says maybe a hitman, but I’m thinking maybe something else. My next question is why did she have this plate in her phone. Hmmm.

LOUJEEP – On a Jeep Liberty. Anita and I were both at a loss about this one. Must be the owner’s name? Shouldn’t it be LOUSJEEP if it is?

GYDIEUP – One of my reporter’s, Paula, texted me this one she saw on a sporty Ford Mustang. I guess this cowboy sees that sports car literally as a horse. Maybe the GYDIEUP should be on the front and the back plate should read: WHOA!

GOOGLME – Anita sent this one also. I’m not sure how this person thinks I’m going to Google him or her when I don’t know what their name is? I tried Googling “me” on the Internet and came up with nothing useful, how to set up your own website.

DEBZILLA – Anita again, found this one. I’m assuming Deb is someone you don’t want to mess with because she is prone to sometimes having a bad attitude. Either that or she rose from the ocean and destroyed Tokyo. And she has a new movie coming out this summer, so we know she keeps busy threatening mankind.

MITYBIG – I’m not sure what kind of vehicle this was on, I’m assuming maybe a truck. I also assume the owner is talking about the vehicle. Of course it could describe other things like his ego, his shoe size, his mouth, his height or his muscles. Maybe I’ve said too much, I don’t need a visit from MITYBIG any time soon.

PILADY – Readers Dave and Barb Thiel sent me several vanity plates too. This one was on a car in Davison. They speculate possibly a baker (pie) or a math teacher (pi). I’m thinking the latter.

GTNBY – The Thiels again. They found this one, as they put it, “on a Caddie no less!” I take it the plate means “Getting By.” Yes, if you have a Cadillac I suppose you are getting by quite well. Unless your car payment has you in the poor house, then maybe it should say BRLYGTNBY.

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