Life skills coach helps businesses tackle team building

— Most everyone understands what makes up a winning team in sports — strong leadership, skilled players and a good coach with a record of more wins than losses.

Life skills coach Rich Wiehe is helping executives and employees of small companies and organizations throughout Michigan apply many of the same principles to become more productive and successful.

Wiehe established his consultancy, Coaching by Rich, more than a decade ago after successfully moving up through the ranks at Ryder Systems during a 25- year career to become leader of the Automotive Carrier Division’s corporate culture development.

Certified as a facilitator of the Model of Human Behavior, Wiehe has uncovered 78 attributes of leadership and 20 keys for effective relationship building.

“Each client has different needs and results they wish to achieve, but the same principles and tools apply,” said Wiehe, who has developed a proprietary “Life Skills — Inside Out” curriculum workbook that has been published by Bush Publishing.

“Rich is very insightful and has put together unique materials to help people look at where they are and where they need to be,” said Dave Shull, a lay leader and elder with Solid Rock Church in Plymouth. “We’ve had an ongoing relationship for almost two years that started with helping our elders and leadership team develop a purpose, vision and direction. He also serves as an advisor and sounding board for our pastor. ”

Details: Visit www.coachingbyrich.

or call 810-240-4000. — G.G.

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