Liimatta firing sounds like retribution

I have no reason to question the recent article in this newspaper, written in regards to the firing of the Grand Blanc Township Superintendent Liimatta. If what was reports was accurate, I am appalled at what appears to be a clear-cut case of retribution against a legal whistle-blower, by the majority of the township board that appears to have coordinated the dismissal ahead of time, without any public comment. Although I would applaud those who voted against the dismissal, I should think that Mr. Bennett and especially Attorney Lattie would know better than to reassure anyone that would be able to keep their job as long as they wanted it. Good job to Mr. Guzak!

Too bad we do not have more candidate choices, in order to vote out the petty individuals who are running our township, and that these facts did not come to light before many of us have cast our ballots. — Glen Adams, Grand Blanc Township