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The Lions win a game and will avoid hearing all the 0-16 talk that was headed their way. The win was ugly and it took overtime to do it but a 37-34 win is in the win column.

I can say that the game was entertaining to watch as a fan. The problem is, the Lions struggled to defeat a terrible Chicago Bears team at home. The fans supported the Lions last Sunday and the booing wasn’t too bad. The fans could have become very unruly if they chose to be.

The Lions will once again be at home as the Minnesota “Purple People Eaters” will be in town. I think the Lions will find a way to win this low-scoring football game. The new crystal cheeseball (I threw out the other one) prediction: Two In A Row 17 and Horny Helmets 16.

One in a million

The college football ending between the Michigan Wolverines and the Michigan State Spartans last Saturday was a one in a million ending. Who would have thought a punter with nine seconds left would bumble a snap and cost his team the football game? I know everyone in the Big House thought the Wolverines would take home the “W”. The Spartans recovered the botched punt and ran it in for a game-winning touchdown!! It was the most bizarre finish to a college football game you will ever see. The shock in the stadium was written all over the Michigan Wolverine fans’ faces and the euphoria of jubilation on the Spartans fans’ faces. My phone was blowing up like never before with phone calls and texts. I am sure we will never see an ending like that in our lifetime.

The victory keeps alive the Spartans’ hopes of getting in the college football playoffs. The loss pretty much sealed the Wolverines out of the playoffs. The Spartans will take on the high-scoring Indiana Hoosiers at home on Saturday. The kickoff is scheduled for high noon in East Lansing. The new cheeseball prediction: Spartys Still Unbeaten 45 and No Jimmy Chitwood 30.

The Wolverines are off this week and I am sure they need it to get over the devastation of the loss to Sparty.

I do want to say to the idiots with the death threats to the Michigan punter that there is no need for that and you should be ashamed of yourself. It’s just a darn football game. Stuff like that makes my stomach turn and it makes me mad! Show some damn class, Michigan fans!

So far, so good

The MLB baseball playoffs have been good so far. It is nice to see the Cubs, Blue Jays, Mets, and Royals in the hunt for a World Series Championship. I guess if you believe in experience then one must favor the Kansas City Royals. If you like seeing a long drought broken, then the Cubs are your choice. If you love Canada, then the Blue Jays are your choice. If you love the Big Apple and hate the Yankees, then the Mets are your selection.

I personally think it will be the Mets and Royals in the World Series. The Kansas City Royals will celebrate their first World Series win in 30 years. How about the fact the best choice odds-wise was 16-1 at the beginning of the year for any of these four teams to win the World Series? This is the reason why I love baseball! The 162-game schedule is the ultimate grind in sports. I hope you all are enjoying the baseball as much as I am.

Wounded pride

I want to express how mad I am at my NFL handicapping this football season. My pride is wounded and my confidence at an all-time low. I have always prided myself on my handicapping skills. I have usually finished over .500 picking these games over the long haul of a season. That ain’t going to happen here in 2015, however. Win your office pool. Pick against me and you will be the winner. Here are this week’s hot picks. Hahahaha.

Seattle -6 over SAN FRAN.
Buffalo – 4.5 over JA’VILLE
ST. LOUIS – 5.5 over Cleveland
Pittsburgh – 3 over Kansas City
MIAMI – 4 over Houston
N.Y. Jets + 8.5 over NEW ENG.
DETROIT + 2.5 over Minnesota
Atlanta – 3.5 overTENNESSEE
WASHINGTON- 3 over Tampa Bay
INDIANAPOLIS- 5 over New Orleans
Oakland + 4 over SAN DIEGO
N.Y. GIANTS – 3.5 over Dallas
CAROLINA – 3 over Philadelphia
ARIZONA – 7.5 over Baltimore
LAST WEEK: 6-7-1; SEASON: 39-51-1

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