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Tis the season when cards and gifts are mailed out worldwide. If you need them to be delivered on time call the Detroit Lions football team to get the job done. This past Sunday in St. Louis the Detroit Lions mailed in a football game to the St. Louis Rams. The delivery time window was between 1 and 4 p.m. The package was received by the Rams and in it was a beautiful 21-14 victory.

Let’s take note that the Rams had lost five straight football games for Cripe’s sake! The performance by Detroit was once again brutal and uninspiring and totally lackluster. Detroit wanted to play football about as much as I want a lifetime gym membership under the tree this year.

Jim Caldwell, take your clown show to a five-year-old’s birthday party where clowns bring smiles to the faces of youngsters. The clown show on the football field has reached its limits for Lions fans. I really hope Detroit loses its next three games and keeps its draft pick in the top ten. Here are a few recognizable sayings in Lions franchise history. The first is: “Wait Til Next Year” and second: “The Detroit Lions are on the clock!” A great big Meeoowww in Motown once again!

Warming up to the rotation

The Detroit Red Wings have been on a tear in the NHL as of late. However, I go down to watch them play Buffalo on Monday night and of course the result was a 2-1 loss. I could stop a semi-truck on a dime, I swear. Any of you readers need a streak stopped? Call me and I can get it done!

It was my first time watching Dylan Larkin play hockey live at the arena. Let me tell you, if you think he skates fast on television, I am here to tell you he can really fly on the ice. It was an absolute treat watching him. I know the debate rages about Coach Jeff Blashill using the rotating goalie system. I have to say, I am usually against this system. However, it really seems to be working for the Red Wings. Petr Mrazek playing so good between the pipes has forced Jimmy Howard to elevate his game in order to receive playing time. I personally like seeing Mrazek in net and eventually he will be the main man in Hockeytown. The beauty is, if one goalie gets hurt the hockey club should not falter on the ice. I see the playoff streak staying intact this hockey season.

About time for Pistons

The Palace of Auburn Hills has seen some good NBA basketball finally being played. The Detroit Pistons are competitive and play hard on the court. The Stan Van Gundy factor is in full force with this basketball team. Big Stan finally has the Pistons heading in the right direction. Oh, by the way Pistons fans, anyone miss Joe Dumars as general manager? I heard the loud ‘no’ you all shouted.

The play of Reggie Jackson and Marcus Morris have been solid. Andre Drummond is becoming an NBA All- Star at the center position. Andre is a rebounding machine. However, shooting free throws, he is a machine with no engine. I will positively say that when Brandon Jennings returns the Pistons will be even better and playoff basketball will return to the Palace of Auburn Hills in 2016. Let’s form a freaking wall, boys!

Strawberry shortcakes: The Heisman Trophy winner was Derrick Henry of Alabama. The Michigan State football team will get a chance to stop Derrick Henry on New Year’s Eve in the Cotton Bowl. The Michigan State basketball team is ranked No. 1 in country.

The Spartans are a sweet 11-0. Michigan’s Spike Albrecht has ended his Michigan basketball playing career. Who will ever forget his performance against Louisville in the NCAA Championship game? Thanks for the memories Spike.

Here are this week’s losing NFL picks.

Tampa Bay +2 over ST. LOUIS
DALLAS +3 over NY Jets
MINNESOTA – 5.5 over Chicago
Atlanta + 3 over J’VILLE
INDIANAPOLIS – 3 over Houston
BALTIMORE +7.5 over Kansas City
Buffalo – pk over WASH.
Tennessee +14 over NEW ENG.
PHILADELPHIA + 4 over Arizona
N.Y. GIANTS + 5 over Carolina
Cleveland + 14.5 over SEATTLE
OAKLAND + 3 over Green Bay
SAN DIEGO – 2 over Miami
PITTSBURGH – 6.5 over Denver
SAN FRANCISCO + 5 over Cincinnati
NEW ORLEANS – 3 over Detroit
LAST WEEK: 7-9 SEASON: 83-103-5
BEST BET: 6-5 BEST BET: Minnesota

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