Lions deliver Christmas coal to disappointed fans

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The post office delivers the mail, Santa delivers presents, the pizza businesses deliver and so do the Detroit Lions!

The delivery this year was lousy NFL football every Sunday. It came as a no-playoff delivery, which comes often here in Detroit. Another losing season here in Motown. The delivery service is up and running once again at Ford Field! How much more of this garbage can we, as Lions fans, absorb is the million-dollar question? I know many of us older fans are immune to the fact that the Detroit Lions will stink our entire lifetime. The old saying, I want the Detroit Lions to be my pall bearer at my funeral so they can let me down one last time is so appropriate. I mean, I look at other franchises and wonder why can’t Detroit be like these teams? The fact is, the Cleveland Browns are on the verge of turning things around and becoming legitimate playoff contenders next year! Yes, the darn Cleveland Browns! What do we get here in Detroit? Nothing but lumps of coal in our stockings!

Once in a while we get an occasional road playoff loss and then a dirty-diaper season the next year. How can a football team not have a playoff win since 1991? The play of Matt Padford (meaningless stats racked up late in blowout losses) is awful for as long as he has been in the NFL. The new coach, Matt Patricia, has not changed one thing in my opinion, either! I would love to take that No. 2 lead pencil and stick it where the sunshine is a mystery. Maybe inside that beard is a game plan, or does the beard just hide pencil shavings? I noticed the pencil needs to be inserted into a sharpener so he can draw up some offense!

The Lions’ offensive game plan from Jim Bob “Plum Bob” has too many plays out of a whisky barrel that are just plain awful. Does he pick these awful plays from the pull-the-duck-out-of-water at a carnival? I am sick of it and the Lions better lose the next two games and secure a top-10 draft pick! The Lions’ blue Kool Aid is made with no sugar every single September! So sour and so sick of it!

Fanatics’ dream weeks

The bowl season is up and running, so if you love football every single night, this will be glorious for the next three weeks. I enjoy the bowl games, but some of them are just not watchable. I mean, more than 40 bowl games is overkill, even for a sports fan like me.

This week Western Michigan plays BYU and is double-digit underdogs in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. The kickoff is slated for Friday at 4 p.m. on ESPN. I would love to see Western Michigan play a decent game and not get blown out. I think they will keep the game close, actually, but lose in the fourth quarter. I will preview Sparty and Wolverines bowl games next week.

College hoops heats up

The college basketball season will heat up here shortly as December closes and January 2019 takes over. Here in Michigan, we will have tremendous hoops action in 2019. The Michigan State Spartans and Michigan Wolverines are off to tremendous basketball records. The Wolverines are 11-0 and ranked No. 4 in the country. Who saw that coming this season? The Michigan State Spartans are ranked No. 10 with a solid 9-2 mark. How good will it be when these two meet on the hardwood this year? It will be great basketball!

My NFL picks are next and only two weeks remain in the regular season! I was reminded by a friend of mine “The Great Weasel” that my picks stink and he could not be more wrong! I am 14 games over .500. Let’s roll them for this week…

NFL Picks
TENNESSEE -10 over Washington
L.A. CHARGERS – 5.5 over Baltimore
Tampa Bay + 7 over DALLAS
N. ENGLAND – 12.5 over Buffalo
Atlanta + 3 over CAROLINA
MIAMI – 4.5 over Jacksonville
INDIANAPOLIS – 9 over New York Giants
NEW YORK JETS + 3 over Green Bay
CLEVELAND – 7 over Cincinnati
ARIZONA + 14 over L. A. Rams
SAN FRANCISCO + 4 over Chicago
Pittsburgh + 5.5 over NEW ORLEANS
Kansas City – 2.5 over SEATTLE
OAKLAND + 2.5 over Denver
LAST WEEK: 7-8-1; SEASON: 106-92-7

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