Lions find new way to lose

Fat Guy Corner



The fact the Detroit Lions lost on Monday Night Football 23-22 to the Green Bay Packers is not a shocker by any means. We have seen that football script before with the Lions, have we not?

The Lions kicked five field goals and should have scored touchdowns against Green Bay for the victory. However, the officials became the main story. The NFL suffered a total officiating debacle for all of the world to see. The blatant missed calls by the officials all went against the Lions. Let’s review all these calls, shall we?

The first one is a call against Tracy Walker for trying to make an interception. The call helmet-to-helmet was a brutal call against the Lions. The two calls of hands to the face against Trey Flowers were so bad and brutal I could go into a profanity-laced tirade of epic proportions. Those two calls handed the Packers a touchdown and a game-winning field goal. I felt so bad for Lions’ fans and Flowers, as the calls were phantom and sickening. The nonpass interference call late in the game was a huge non-call that also went the Packers’ way!

Why no challenge from the Lions’ head buffoon, pencil head? It was a huge play in the game and he keeps the flag in his pocket. Why is the NFL (National Fixed League) always issuing apologies on Monday morning after the Lions get a hose job? The officials hose the Lions year after year and it’s sickening. If I was pencil head, I would have ripped the officials and ate the huge fine that goes with it! Enough is enough of the refs against the Lions! This is not a figment our imagination and I’m sick and tired of it! When are the officials of the National Fixed League going to be held accountable for their actions? How about suspensions for these missed calls instead of being payed week after week with no accountability?

The officiating has been the worst of all time this year and too many games decided by these blind clowns. The only thing missing from the Monday night game was the elephants and bearded lady from the officiating circus I witnessed. I want you to think about this. The Lions went from first place to last place because of this debacle! Yes, the Lions could have scored some touchdowns instead of field goals to take the game out of the hands of the blind zebras. The NFL has become a joke and almost unwatchable because of the officiating! I am teed off, and all Lions fans should be, too!

Michigan college teams stunk to high heaven

The Michigan State Spartans and Michigan Wolverines both stunk last Saturday! The difference is, the Wolverines won a game against a lousy Illinois and MSU got crushed by the Wisconsin Badgers. The effort by MSU was so pitiful that they should have stayed in East Lansing. Come on, Dantonio. That coaching job stunk!

As for the Wolverines, you play like that this week and Penn State will kick your tail Saturday night. The kickoff is set for 7:30 p.m. on ABC. The crystal cheeseball says PSU 27 and Michigan 21. The Spartans will defeat the bye week easily this weekend.

Playoffs in the bag; almost

The National League baseball playoffs are all but over, as Washington has a 3-0 stranglehold over St. Louis. I believe Tuesday night Washington will have closed out the sweep over the St. Louis ball club. The Cardinals’ bats have been silent, like me sneaking into the kitchen for a late night snack!

The American League is knotted at 1-1 and Game Three is being played as I write this column Tuesday afternoon. I like the Houston team in a long seven game series to win. Man, I love playoff baseball.

DENVER + 3.5 over Kansas City
N.Y. GIANTS – 3 over Arizona
Houston + 2 over INDIANAPOLIS
BUFFALO -17 over Miami
DETROIT + 1 over Minnesota
Oakland + 6 over GREEN BAY
CINCINATTI + 3.5 over Jacksonville
L.A. Rams – 3 over ATLANTA
WASHINGTON + 10 over San Francisco
TENNESSEE – 2 over L.A.Chargers
SEATTLE – 3.5 over Baltimore
CHICAGO – 3 over New Orleans
Philadelphia + 3 over DALLAS
N.Y JETS + 9.5 over New England
LAST WEEK: 7-7; SEASON: 45-44-2
BEST BET: 2-4 (won one, finally)