Lions kick off preseason game on Golden note

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The Detroit Lions’ preseason opener couldn’t have gone any better last Thursday night. The offense took the opening drive and scored a touchdown. Matt Stafford was 2-for-2 and Golden Tate was the man who scored the touchdown. Calvin Johnson did not play and honestly, he should only play a little in game three, which is the dress rehearsal for the season opener. What the heck more do you need to see from No. 81? A healthy Calvin Johnson would go a long way this year in the Lions’ hunt for the playoffs.

How about the running of the former Nebraska Cornhusker, Ameer Abdullah? I told you I loved this pick in the draft and he didn’t disappoint me against the Jets. I realize it’s only preseason and the Jets had other issues punching them in the face mask and probably were beaten to the punch by the Lions. I also remember that Detroit was 4-0 in preseason and then went a blistering 0-16. I just like what I saw in game one. Detroit will travel to Washington for game two of the preseason. The game is tonight at 7:30 p.m. I want to watch me a little RG III action, to be honest. Roar, baby, roar, Detroit!

What a great Day

How about the greatest name in golf: Day, as in Jason Day winning the 97th PGA Championship over the weekend. Day is such a great story. The fact his mom took out a second mortgage to send him to golf school seven hours away from home. Jason also suffers from vertigo and he has had some tough injuries in his career. I usually hate watching athletes cry but I could really understand where he was at emotionally after the PGA win. The Jason Day story is a really good one if you ask me. How about the fact I was in a four-person golf pool (entertainment purposes only) and none of us took Jason Day and we all got to select four golfers?

The brain power of my friends will not light up the ACT scoreboard folks. I did win it, though, as all my golfers finished under par.

Meaningless season

The Detroit Tigers continue to wallow in misery. They are playing out the dog days of August and September for sure. It is really hard as a die-hard Tigers fan to realize that they will not play October baseball and the rest of the schedule means nothing. The only thing that could benefit the Tigers is looking at the young talent and doing some hard-core evaluations on the players.

I will be curious to see how many people attend the games in September now that the Tigers are out of the race. It would not surprise me to see Comerica Park still filled with fans. Detroit is a great baseball town; it really is. Oh well, spring training will be interesting next year in Lakeland, Fla. for sure.

All charged up

The college football season is creeping up fast. The opener on Thursday, September 3 will bring some excitement to Ann Arbor. The Wolverines will be in Utah to kick off the season and the kick off of the Jim Harbaugh era at Michigan. The Michigan fans can’t wait, I know that.

The Friday night tilt in Kalamazoo will bring excitement to Western Michigan fans and Michigan State fans. The Spartans will actually play at Western Michigan with kick off slated for 7 p.m. The place will be rocking at Waldo Stadium. The season can’t get here fast enough for the Fat Guy. I have the crystal cheeseball dusted off and plugged in ready to go. I know you all love seeing my picks!

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