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I am going to start out with the Detroit Lions hitting their lowest point since the 0-16 debacle of a season in 2008. I went down to the game and watched a bunch of uninspired professional football players and I use the term professional very tongue in cheek. The lack of effort in the football game against the Arizona Cardinals was atrocious and absolutely pitiful. I could use numerous other more vulgar terms, and I did leaving the stadium, by the way. I decided to leave with eight minutes to go in the third quarter, as did numerous other fans.

I am also going to tell Golden Tate III to shut his pie hole with his comments that the fans turned their backs on the Lions! Say what, Golden? I like you as a football player, respect you and like how you play every Sunday, actually. However, you are way out of line this time. Detroit Lions fans spend hard-earned money on tickets and have supported this Mickey Mouse organization through the bad and even worse times. The amount of wins this team has earned isn’t worth the price of tickets or statewide support for that matter. Golden, shut up and play football. We have every right to boo that poor effort on the field. The only thing the Lions care about is cashing those season ticket checks that come in every April! I actually heard a father apologize to his son for subjecting him to that Lions effort. It made me laugh! Detroit Lions, once again you are the laughing stock of the NFL. Congratulations!

Game of the Year

The college football Game of the Year has arrived this Saturday at 3:30 p.m. The Michigan State Spartans are bringing their underachieving football team to the Big House in Ann Arbor. The No. 7 Spartans have dropped in the polls the last two weeks after peaking at No. 2 in the country. The wins over Rutgers and Purdue were pretty lackluster, in my opinion. The Wolverines have climbed up to No. 12 and are on a real roll. Michigan ripped Northwestern into tiny pieces last Saturday in the Big House. I don’t think any college football fan saw that beat down coming. Jim Harbaugh has the Wolverines believing and playing good football right now. Who could see this turn around happening so fast in Ann Arbor?

Michigan State has handled the Wolverines pretty handily lately. The boys in Las Vegas have installed the Wolverines as 6.5 point favorites! I think that line is a little high. Who would have thought that Michigan would have the No. 1-ranked defense in the country? Michigan State is usually the team ranked high defensively. I believe Saturday’s contest will be a defensive battle and a tough physical football game. I don’t see a lot of points going up by either team, to be honest. I think the quarterbacks need to both secure the football and not throw crucial interceptions if they want to lead their team to victory.

The Big House will be alive and it will be loud. I have to ride the hot team in this football game. The winner is the boys in Maize and Blue. The score: Harbaugh not Hoke the Joke 23 and I Pity the Sparty Party 17. This game should be a dandy and I can’t wait for Saturday to get here.

Shocking end

The retirement of Steve Spurrier is a shocker in that it came halfway through the football season. I will miss the ol’ ball coach. I say nobody tossed a visor better than the ole ball coach.

The baseball playoffs have been tremendous as always. I picked both wildcard winners right. The Chase Utley slide, which broke the Mets’ shortstop’s leg, was a dirty uncalled for baseball play. There is a right way to break up the double play with a slide. Chase Utley should be gone for the rest of the playoffs, if you ask me.

NFLpicks on the way…

Atlanta – 3over NEW ORL.
CLEVELAND +4 over Denver
BUFFALO +2.5 over Cincinnati
MINNESOTA -3.5 over Kansas City
JACKSONVILLE +1 over Houston
DETROIT -3 over Chicago
N.Y. JETS -6 over Washington
Arizona -3 over PITTS.
TENNESSEE – 3over Miami
SEATTLE -6.5 over Carolina
GREEN BAY -10 over San Diego
SAN FRANCISCO +3 over Baltimore
INDIANAPOLIS +7.5 over New Eng.
PHILADELPHIA -3 over NY Giants
LAST WEEK: 8-6 SEASON: 33-44

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