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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The NFL draft, once upon a time, was referred to by me as the Detroit Lions’ Super Bowl. I say those days are finally behind the Lions. The Lions are improving on the football field and in the draft room.

The last two years the Lions’ hierarchy has cashed in big time at the draft. Detroit’s draft choices are sticking on the roster and making big impact on the field. Martin Mayhew and coach Jim Schwartz deserve high praise for the improvement of the Lions. Who would have thought Nick Fairley would have dropped into the Lions den at pick number 13? Not me. Mr. Fairley sure couldn’t believe he fell that far, either. I could see it in his face. When he was first picked, I didn’t like it because it didn’t take care of a major need position-wise for Detroit. However, the more I thought about it, the more I liked it. Detroit selected the best player on the board instead of drafting a lesser player at a position of need.

Everyone knows the Lions needed a cornerback or linebacker, but the talent just wasn’t there at number 13. What Detroit did was make its front four the toughest front four in football if Nick Fairley is the player we saw at Auburn last season. What a great scenario for Fairley to play alongside Suh, Vanden Bosch, Williams and Avril! I don’t believe Fairley will be lazy and non-motivated. Those teammates will kick him in the back of the pants.

The Lions then went to Boise State and selected Titus Young a speed burner wide receiver. They say he has 4.4 speed, a guy who can stretch the field and open up one Calvin Johnson. A nice pick. The Lions then went after running back Mikel Leshoure from Illinois, a back who can pound it between the tackles and does not fumble the football. I love the no fumbling of the rock! What a compliment to Jahvid Best, who can get the corner and bust the big one.

Let’s not forget the tight ends and other receivers. The offense is loaded and points should not be a problem all season long. The key? Hey, number nine Matthew Stafford needs to stay healthy. The Lions’ puzzle is almost put together after a decade of futility of bad drafts, free agents, and coaches. I know none of you miss Matt “Mickey Mouse” Millen and his draft expertise. Lions and possible playoffs in the same sentence? Maybe, just maybe! The Roar is on the way to Restored.

Deadwings fading fast

The positives are all done for now and the positive was the Lions? Yes, it was. The Detroit Red Wings have me smoking hot and I need some ice sprayed in my face to cool me off. What in the heck was that effort out there in San Jose? The Wings looked like the old “Deadthings” from the late 70’s. I thought the Sharks took it to Detroit in both games and deserved to win both. The power play stunk, the defense stunk, and the offense stunk. The only non stinking thing was goalie Jimmy Howard. He played super and deserved to win at least a game out in San Jose. The dumb penalties (a few bad ref calls) did not help out there, either. The Red Wings don’t look hungry at all to me. They will be out of the playoffs if they don’t win game three on Wednesday night. I say get hungry Red Wings, it’s too cold to be golfing here in Michigan.

Pointing fingers

The Tigers are playing awful baseball, as losers of six straight and the New York Yankees are in town for a four-game series. The Tigs have too many guys not hitting. I am pointing a finger at Ryhmes, Mags, and Jackson, mostly. What a joke and they are hitting in the one, two, and three holes. They should be in the seven, eight, or nine hole. Heck, the pine sounds good, too! The bullpen has taken a nosedive and can’t get anyone out at the plate. I just don’t like what I am seeing on the ball field. What a difference a week makes.

Taking chances

The Kentucky Derby is Saturday and there are no true favorites. I say bet a huge long shot and take your chances. Good Luck if you are betting the derby.

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