Lions loss leads to good news for fans

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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The Detroit Lions played like turkeys on Thanksgiving and it ended up in another loss in the standings. The loss to the Houston Texans 41-25 dropped Detroit to 4-7 in the season and cemented them in last place in the NFC North. However, with the loss to Houston comes the best news Lions fans could receive! The Lions have waved bye bye to Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia ending a pitiful run by two incompetent individuals. I want to get into Quinn first before I rip into “The Large Bearded Pencil Head” Patricia.

Bob Quinn, hired by Detroit as general manager from the New England Patriots in 2016, was absolutely brutal. The Quinn record of 31-43-1 is awful and a little misleading. The 2016 and 2017 seasons Jim Caldwell was 9-7 and 9-7, so 18 of those wins came from what I would consider wins from the previous regime. Oh, but Bob Quinn wanted to raid the Patriots’ regime and bring in defensive guru (tongue-in-cheek) Matt Patricia. The Patriot way happens because of Bill Belichick, not his assistants — look at the records of all his assistants as head coaches! Bob, you sealed your fate when you hired this worthless head coach. I knew you were doomed. The Lions players didn’t like him from the start with his arrogance and lack of head coaching knowledge.

The “Pencil Head” was a stellar 13-29- 1 in two and half years as coach. The first year under Patricia in 2018 a 6-10 record, which was the highlight as coach by the way. The 2019 season a fabulous 3-12-1 — good for consecutive last place finishes. ROAR to that, right Lions fans?

The 2020 season 4-7 last place again heading into December for the third consecutive year was enough finally for the Ford family. I will say three straight years and not one meaningful game in December is ugly! I give Sheila Ford Hamp credit for sticking to her word that if meaningful football was not played in December changes would happen. It did and I am thankful for that.

I have been a fan for a long time and Patricia is in the top three for incompetence as a Detroit Lions head coach.

The defense he put out on the field week in and week out was disgusting and inexcusable. The defense was torched on the ground and by the pass like a bonfire with 30 pallets on the pile. I despised Matt Patricia walking the sidelines every Sunday. He robbed us fans with his ineptitude of watching respectable football on Sunday. It is with a huge smile and turkey gravy dripping from my chin

I say, Matt Patricia you have been erased from the sidelines. I will offer advice for your pencil, donate it to someone who will know how to use it! The last thing I want to say: THANKS FOR NOTHING YOU BUM!

The search is on and no Jim Harbaugh please.

The name Harbaugh, as mentioned, will be rumored to be the next Lions head coach. Who the heck wants him if you have watched the pitiful Michigan Wolverines this season. The Wolverines’ horrible season continued last Saturday as winless Penn State defeated the Wolverines. The loss makes you wonder what the future holds for head coach Jim Harbaugh at Michigan. My gut hunch is he will be gone at the end of the season.



The Michigan State Spartans pulled off a sweet upset of the undefeated Northwestern Wildcats. The 29-20 win took Northwestern to 5-1 and Michigan State gained their second win to move to 2-3. The Spartans pounded the football on the ground. The two touchdowns tossed by Rocky Lombardi in the first half helped MSU to a first half lead. The Spartans I thought played very well on both sides of the ball. A nice win for head coach Mel Tucker and the Spartan program.

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