Lions need to roar, not meow

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The Detroit Lions have me so disgusted that I have to calm down before I write this article. I have a profanity laced tirade I would love to unleash, but seeing how it’s a family paper I can’t. Oh boy, though, would it make me feel better if I could!

Detroit’s performance in San Diego was a tough loss and a game it should have won.

The performance in Minnesota was absolutely disgusting and sickening to watch on television. The fact that the offense stunk so bad is an utter joke. The running game was a brutal performance and made Minnesota look like the Steel Curtain. The quarterback play of Matty Stafford I thought stunk to hog heaven. At one time, though, I did feel bad for him as he was pressured all game long. The offensive line was beaten on just about every single play. I actually felt bad for Stafford as he was getting hit like a Piñata. However, candy wasn’t falling out, but blood was from his beaten and battered body.

The start of the NFL season couldn’t be any worse for our beloved Kitty Cats. The only positive is that they were two road losses. There are some pretty good 0-2 football teams, too, like the Colts, Ravens, Eagles, and Seahawks, so don’t panic just yet, Lions fans. I will back that up with Sunday night is a must-win for Detroit at home against the Denver Broncos.

This will more than likely be Peyton Manning’s last trip to Ford Field in his long and brilliant career. I will be there cheering on the lovable and cuddly Detroit Lions! I am a sick individual! The Fat Guy loves the Lions to win this football game. The home opener prediction is: Lions Roar 30 and The Bucking Broncos 27. I hope I am right, because if I am wrong, the Lions’ season is over before it ever got started!

Cream of the crop!

Did I see the Big Ten Conference has the No. 1- and No. 2-ranked teams in the country right now? Yes, I did see that; I’m not that blind just yet. The Ohio State Buckeyes are No. 1 and the Michigan State Spartans are No. 2! Can anyone honestly say they saw that one coming? I sure didn’t and I am willing that the two teams still are No. 1 and No. 2 come Saturday November 21? Wow, would that be, college football fans, if the Big Ten does play out that way? Michigan fans wouldn’t like it because that means MSU would have defeated the Wolverines on October 17. The MSU Spartys should have no trouble with Central Michigan this weekend at high noon in East Lansing. The Spartans are 27-point favorites to win. They will roll on to victory 45 to 20 over CMU.

The Wolverines have a game in Ann Arbor, also at noon. The Mormons of BYU ranked No. 22 in the country will be the opponent. Michigan is unranked yet, but is favored by 5.5 points. Do the odds makers in Las Vegas know something we don’t?

I really like the Wolverines in this football game. It will be a defensive battle for sure. I don’t expect to see much offense at the Big House. The Wolverines get it done, though. Prediction: Go Blue 20 and BYU 16.

More wounded cats

The Tigers are struggling to the baseball finish line here in September. I have to believe the players cannot wait for this miserable season to be over. The large and mounting question is, will Brad Ausmus survive and keep his job for 2016? I say, wave goodbye to Brad. He is replaceable and I have the guy I want already in mind. Can we all say Ron Gardenhire? I know he is candidate No. 1 on my wish list.

Not so great picking

I want to say my NFL selections stink like a month old trash can in 100-degree heat. If I don’t turn it around this week I might let the lovely wife pick for me next week! It was a rough week for the Fat Guy. Here are this week’s winners. Roll them, Boom Boom.

Washington +4 over NY GIANTS
ST. LOUIS +1 over Pittsburgh
San Diego + 2.5 over MINN.
HOUSTON – 6.5 over Tampa Bay
Philadelphia + 2.5 over NY JETS
CAROLINA – 3 over New Orleans
Jacksonville + 13.5 over NEW ENG.
BALTIMORE – 2.5 over Cincinnati
Oakland + 3.5 over CLEVE.
TENNESSEE + 3 over Indianapolis
Atlanta – pk over DALLAS
San Fran. + 6.5 over ARIZONA
SEATTLE – 14 over Chicago
MIAMI – 3 over Buffalo
DETROIT + 3 over Denver
Kansas City + 6.5 over GREEN BAY
LAST WEEK: 6-10 SEASON: 13-19

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