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The London Lions pulled one out across the pond with a tremendous second-half rally and won 22-21 over the Atlanta Falcons Sunday morning.

Yes, for the second week in a row, the Cardiac Kats avoid defeat with a miracle rally. It was no thing of beauty to watch, especially the dismal first half displayed by the Kitty Kats. The Lions played like they were in a litter box and we all know what cats put in a litter box. Do you get my point?

Matty Stafford was throwing the ball around like a sawed-off shotgun spraying footballs everywhere. The number one defense looked like the number 32 defense on the first two drives by Atlanta. I thought to myself, I woke up at 9:30 in the morning to watch this type of performance? I could have been snoring because the Lions weren’t roaring.

The second half turned around for Detroit and it came down to the last two minutes of the game. The coaching in the last two minutes by both coaches was poor. I was scratching my head like I had the worst case of dandruff ever created on one’s head!

Atlanta throwing it was dumb!

An Atlanta holding penalty stopping the clock was dumb!

Detroit’s selection of play calls to run the ball and no timeouts left was DUMB!

I really believe the Lions didn’t know what down it was! They would have had to rush out the kicker if Atlanta had not committed a penalty. The Lions miss the field goal! Really? However, they have a delay-of-game penalty and a second chance? Life is full of second chances and the Lions kicker takes advantage and actually made the game winner.

The Lions win and are now 6-2 and in first place in the division. Sound familiar? Yes, this is where they were at this time last year. Epic collapse two years in a row? We shall never rule out anything with our beloved Lions! The bye week is this week, so Lions fans enjoy. This Sunday your heart needs the break.

Spartans roll

The Michigan State and Michigan game played out to script. MSU dominated and smoked the inept Wolverines. The stake put in MSU’s field by the Wolverines is symbolic for Michigan. Why? This Michigan football team has driven stakes into all the hearts of its fans. I am sticking to my original prediction and I think in the end MSU ends up in the college football fourteam playoff scene. Sparty on, I say. The first poll comes out Tuesday night (after I filed this column) so it will be interesting to see where Sparty is at in the rankings.

How about FSU and its program? What a joke they are becoming to college football. Karlos Williams, the running back, is now up for domestic assault. Why doesn’t FSU just become the movie Longest Yard 3? They are nothing but a bunch of thugs and criminals, let’s be honest here. The quarterback is on his fourth chance and he has more lives than a cat. Jimbo Fisher, the coach of FSU, is the biggest joke in college football. Brady Hoke is a close second. Hey, Jimbo, that’s a nice program you run down there with tremendous scruples and integrity. What a joke!

New-look Pistons unveiled

The NBA season kicks off this week and the new-look Detroit Pistons opened up on the road in Denver Wednesday. The new coach is Stan Van Gundy. I think Stan is the best coach they have had in a while. Joe Dumars is gone in the front office and Rodney Stucky and Will Bynum are gone from the roster. The new editions are Caron Butler, D.J. Augustin, and Jodie Meeks. These three were all brought in because they are shooters who can score. The main returning guys are Greg Monroe, Brandon Jennings, Josh Smith, and Andre Drummond. The number-one draft choice is Spencer Dinwiddie. My prediction for the upcoming season? Well, last year’s team went 29-53 and I see some improvement in this year’s team. I say the Pistons will be 35-47 here in 2014-2015.

Here are my NFL picks:
CAROLINA +2.5 overNew Orleans
MIAMI -1 over San Diego
CINCINNATI -11 over Jacksonville
CLEVELAND -6.5 over Tampa Bay
MINNESOTA -2.5 over Washington
HOUSTON +2 over Philadelphia
N.Y. Jets +10 over KAN.CITY
Arizona +4 over DALLAS
S.FRAN. -10 over St. Louis
Denver -3 over NEW ENG.
Baltimore -pk over PITTS.
N.Y GIANTS +3 over Indianapolis
LAST WEEK: 7-7-1SEASON: 62-56-3

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