List of 2012 road improvements approved

FLINT TWP. — Township Trustee George Menoutes wasn’t happy to hear a bumpy patch of Calkins Road was not included in proposed road improvements in the township this year ,but joined unanimous approval of a 2012 Road Improvements Projects plan last week, as recommended by the township Road Advisory Committee.

Advisory Board members David Arceo, Dave Huffman and Ken Grover presented a list of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funded paving projects totaling $69,379; road millage funded paving projects totaling about $220,594, CDBG-funded ditching projects totaling $22,956 and millage-funded ditching projects for $75,088.

Streets slated for CDBG paving are Foxboro/Ridgecliffe; Ryan Blvd. and Kenova Dr.

The action responds to complaints since last May from a resident of Hunter’s Ridge subdivision off West Court Street asking the board to do something about Foxboro, Ryan, Jacque and Ridgecliffe — major streets into the subdivision that he said were almost impossible to drive down.

Millage-funded paving projects are on Keith, Glen Ellen, St. Martins, Knollridge at Stoney Ridge, Knollridge Curve, Cherry Tree, Peachwood (two projects) and Willowwood.

CDBG funding is slated to cover costs for ditching and culverts on McCollum, which will be billed back to residents, and millage funds will help pay for ditching work and culverts on Court Street and Calkins Road with the county road commission picking up a share of the total $106,177 cost.

“Did anyone take a look at Calkins between Dye and Elms Road?” Menoutes complained. “That is a washboard no different than Court Street.”

“You’ve got a lot of taxpayers there just like you do on Court Street,’’ he said. “Somebody is going to start yelling soon.”

Arceo agreed that Calkins needs attention but said that the committee assessed road conditions throughout the township before making its recommendations.

One reason for the delay is because Calkins may be a designated detour route during work to be done this summer on Linden Road between Calkins and Beecher, he said.

Township Supervisor Karyn Miller said another reason to hold off on Calkins is to allow time for ditching work to be completed. The road drainage needs to be fixed first, she said.

Miller also said the Calkins project will cost a couple of hundred thousand to do one mile and the township needs to find funding for it.

Grover said several other roads in the township not on the list also need serious attention. He mentioned a request from Carman-Ainsworth Superintendent Bill Haley to do something about Beveridge Road which is an access route to Woodland Elementary School.

Grover said he could name a long list of roads needing repairs but with road funds coming in at less than half a million a year now, the township can’t do $2-3 million in improvements.

“Try going down Calkins Road with a cup of coffee,’’ Menoutes grumbled but moved to approve the recommended improvements.

Trustee Frank Kasle thanked the advisory committee for the time and effort devote to coming up with the projects list.

“While we can’t do Calkins, I commend them for coming up with what they have, given our annual resources,’’ he said.

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