List of tax-exempt properties being looked at by township

FLINT TWP. — Has the time come for the township to township to consider a moratorium on tax-exempt properties?

The suggestion was made by Trustee George Menoutes after taking a look at an estimated 400 parcels on a list of tax- exempt properties he requested.

Menoutes said he was somewhat surprised by how many there are. The board took no action on the 19-page document which was prepared by the assessor’s office.

But in looking through the document, it is a sign of economic times that about 9 pages — half of the report — lists properties under the jurisdiction of the Genesee County Land Bank Authority. Properties revert to the Landbank after being lost to foreclosure and not sold at public auction. Many on the list are clustered on the same street -including 20 of them alone on Clairmont Avenue.

Churches naturally make up a good portion of properties listed. In recent months, other municipalities have begun looking at putting the brakes on the number of commercial businesses being converted into churches and therefore becoming exempt from the tax rolls.

Township tax revenues have been steadily declining for about five years and are not expected to stabilize in the near future.

Medical facilities, including doctor’s offices, owned by hospitals, are another multiple-property listing. Township Supervisor Karyn Miller said that trustees could request a further breakdown on those, if interested.

School properties including Carman-Ainsworth and Baker College have multiple parcels listed.

Bishop Airport, the Bay Mills Indian Community and railroad property also are listed in the document as are multiple township, county and stateowned parcels. Several non-profits operate in the township and also are listed.

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