Little Giant squashes Irish

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I want to start with college football from last Saturday night. The Spartans and Irish hooked up in an epic classic. Actually, make that an instant classic battle. It was a fighter’s match and each team took turns throwing punches and each team picked itself up off the mat and responded. This football game had me on the edge of my seat the entire second half. This football game deserved to be an overtime special, and it was. The boys from Notre Dame scored a field goal on their first possession. The boys from MSU looked like a field goal was in order for another overtime. Hold the phones!! MSU dialed up a fake field goal and Aaron Bates tossed an easy touchdown for the win. Yes, Mark Dantonio you have the onions the size of Rhode Island. The play was called “Little Giants” it turned out to be a huge “Giant Killer”! One of the greatest calls I have seen and the true element of surprise got coach Brian Kelly of Notre Dame off guard. A huge win for Sparty nation and if they go on to have a season to remember, that game will be the one that launched it. The Michigan Wolverines win was very unimpressive. The Minutemen of UMass gave Michigan all it could handle. The defense is a joke. How can a school like Michigan have such pitiful defenders? Any high school senior out there who can play “D”, please contact Rich Rod ASAP! The last nonconference scheduled games for MSU and U of M are home games this Saturday. Michigan takes on Bowling Green and MSU takes on Northern Colorado. A scary note on Sunday morning happened to MSU coach Mark Dantonio, as he suffered a heart attack. The good news is a full recovery is expected. The offensive coordinator will take over while he is recovering.

Better than Crackerjacks

The NFL is only two weeks into the season and surprises are everywhere

throughout the league. How many of you had the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2- 0? The Bears 2-0? The Steelers without Big Ben 2-0? If you said yes, quit lying. Shockers so far have to be the Vikings and Cowboys both at 0-2. These two were supposed to be the cream of the crop in the NFC Conference. Well, the cream so far has been a little shall we say cream puffy? Yes,

cream puffy. All of these stories make the NFL what it is. All the socalled experts predict stuff in the off season

stuff in the off season and really none of us know jack squat. That is why everything is settled on the field and not by prognosticators. How about all of you fans in a suicide pool? I bet those pools have shrunk down real fast here in the 2010 season. I have heard many of my friends complaining they are knocked out already. My picks are still alive! Ha Ha.

I guess sticking to the NFL theme if you consider the Lions a NFL team they are 0-2 so far here in 2010. The next two games on the road are against the Vikings and Packers. Can you say 0-4! If you can’t, I’ll say it for you; zero wins and four losses. One good thing is they are at least watchable this season. Jahvid Best will be the Rookie of the Year if he does not get hurt.

It’s time for my NFL selections. The lock pick is a solid 2-0 courtesy of the Colts. Roll’em Fonzie:

Tennessee + 3 over N.Y. GIANTS
N. ENGLAND – 13 over Buffalo
BALTIMORE – 10.5 over Cleveland
TAMPA BAY – 2 over Pittsburgh
Cincinatti – 3 over CAROLINA
Atlanta + 5 over NEW ORLEANS
S. Fran + 2 over KANSAS CITY
MINNESOTA -10.5 over Detroit
Dallas + 3 over HOUSTON
ST. LOUIS + 4 over Washington
JACKSONVILLE + 3 over Philadelphia
DENVER + 6 over Indianapolis
S. Diego – 5 over SEATTLE
Oakland + 4 over ARIZONA
MIAMI – 1 over N.Y. Jets
Green Bay – 3 over CHICAGO
LAST WEEK: 8-7-1 SEASON: 17-11-4 LOCK 2-0

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