L&L scholarships again up for grabs

GRAND BLANC — Financially strapped families with little ones interested in dance will have the opportunity to win free lessons at L&L Dance Studio.

In 2011, L&L Dance entered the “How would you spend $5,000 Contest and Promotion” hosted by the dance company, Capezio.

In their application, L&L Dance Owner Kara Meier said they could have submitted ideas on how they would spend the $5,000 on renovating the studio, covering advertising costs or simply donating the money to a local charity.

Instead, L&L Dance drafted a concept for a scholarship fund in which every year for five years two individuals from families struggling financially would be given a $500 dance scholarship.

The scholarship idea ended up being the winning application in the Capezio contest.

Now in the second year of the scholarship program, Meier said they are currently accepting applications from those who feel they are deserving of the scholarship.

“Last year we had about 15 people apply,” Meier said. “We had each candidate write a letter on why they deserved to be chosen and they all just tugged at our hearts. It was really difficult to pick just two.”

To help aid L&L Dance in choosing the two individuals, Meier is asking once again that each candidate write a 300 essay on why he or she should be chosen for the scholarship and list any financial hardships the family or individual has experienced. Current L&L Dance members are eligible to apply.

All entries must be submitted by Aug. 1. Essays may be sent to Meier via e-mail at lldancestudio@yahoo.com or mailed to the studio at 4423 S. Genesee St., Grand Blanc.

“We really want to help those who can’t or wouldn’t have the opportunities to dance otherwise,” Meier said.

The winners of the scholarship can use the money to go toward any of the classes offered at L&L Dance Studio.

For questions, contact Meier at 810- 962-2433. A full list of classes offered by L&L Dance is available on their website, www.lldancestudio.com.

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