Local teens turn practice driving into scavenger hunt

SWARTZ CREEK — The social distancing order has a lot of folks donning their creative thinking caps, and adding a little fun to what might otherwise be mundane activities.

Several local families made sure their teens got out of the house, got in some time behind the wheel with their drivers’ permits, put their critical thinking skills to the test, and had a little fun in the process with a scavenger hunt.

“Everyone who wanted to be included as a stop came up with a clue for the kids to figure out it was their house,” said Karen Spencer, a Swartz Creek parent who helped set up the search. “One mom came up with extra clues for places around town.”

Everyone started at their own homes, so they weren’t just following each other around, and went through the list of clues.

“Some of us decided to put a treat bag out for them when they got to our porches,” Spencer said. “Some made cookies, some had bags of candy. When they reached the clue place, they got out and took a picture of them with the item that was the clue.”

The clue to Spencer’s house was, “the owner of the biggest instrument in the marching band lives here. Oh, DEER, that must be heavy.”

Spencer’s son plays the tuba.

“These were kids we all knew, so they would know who played the tuba and where we live,” she said.

Other places included the Performing Arts Center, Fireside Coffee, Meijer gas station and four other houses.

“(One clue was) ‘where fans of our president live and Mr. Blue that says moo,’” Spencer said. “Our friends have a Trump is sign in their yard and they have a cow. What was really funny is one of them thought it meant the husband, Mr. Bleau (pronounced like the color blue) was supposed to moo. So they told him to moo and he did. He was confused because they were supposed to take a picture of them with the cow. Instead, we all got a great laugh with the video of him mooing.

“These girls all needed driving hours for their permits, so they all got time and experience in while having fun,” Spencer said. “Their moms read the clues to them as they went along.”