Local veteran encourages passing of 2A resolution

I do not understand why Pegge Adams, who lost her re-election bid, continues to throw political punches at her successor, Commissioner David W. Martin…especially during a virus pandemic! The sour grape former Commissioner (Adams) wrote an opinion piece about how: “the right to bear arms is not God given.” Are you kidding me?

As a United States Veteran (who has been under enemy fire) and resident of this community, I feel the need to respond. The Genesee County Board of Commissioners will soon vote on a Resolution in which the Commission will go on record as supporting the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution of the United States. The Resolution does NOT support further infringement. I support this resolution.

The Davison-Richfield area is known for its love for Country, Law Enforcement, Veterans and yes, the Constitution which protects our 2nd Amendment rights – the right to bear arms. I thank Commissioner and fellow Air Force brother Veteran, David Martin, for proposing this simple Resolution…especially in a County that has high crime rates in which families count on their 2nd Amendment right to keep them safe.

I’m glad we have David Martin as our Commissioner fighting every day ]for the Constitution. This is another reason it is critical to elect Matthew Smith as his successor for Commissioner this year as he will do the same. Mr. Smith’s opposition is supported by Pegge Adams, and that should tell you everything you need to know.

Our neighbors in Lapeer and Livingston counties have already passed this Resolution. Self-defense protects life and recognizes the sanctity of life. Those who remove God from the protection of life are simply out of line. Pegge Adams is handling this the wrong way, and if you don’t believe me, watch the tape on the County website of the meeting in which she was asked by the chair numerous times to step away from the microphone and stop interrupting the meeting. Bottom line: respect the U.S Constitution and pass this Resolution! — Leonard Arthur, United States Air Force Veteran, Richfield Township