Longer terms approved for board

FLINT TWP. — Terms for Carman- Ainsworth board members were reset to comply with a new state law moving school elections to November of even-numbered years,

A resolution passed by the board Tuesday night extended the terms of trustees by six to 18 months.

Terms of trustees Recco Richardson and Don Conway, due to expire June 30, 2012, were extended six months until the November 2012 election. Those are four-year terms.

Four-year terms held by trustee Peggy Anderson and current board president Patrice Hatcher, due to expire June 30, 2013 were extended 18 months until the November 2014 election.

Terms for seats currently held by Gloria Nealy and Joy Hart, expiring in June 2014, will be extended six months and changed to six-year terms when they come up for election in Nov. 2014.

Six-year terms are being gradually implemented in the board’s election cycle beginning in 2014.

The term for Ann Saunders, who was re-elected in May of this year for a four-year term, will be extended 18 months until the Nov. 2016 election. It will then become a six-year term.

Beginning in 2016, the board will follow a staggered 3-2-2 cycle of six-year terms to manage how many members leave the board or come up for reelection at the same time.

In the transition, the board will have two terms up for the 2012 election and four in the 2014 election followed by three, two, two pattern, respectively in even years through 2026 and beyond, unless the law or board policy changes.

Haley said the board chose the 3-2-2 cycle over a 4-3, 4-3 cycle for better consistency.

To accommodate the change which must be in place by Dec. 31, the board first agreed to a suspend its policy of having first and second readings before making changes to board policy.

The new election cycle was unanimously approved in a roll call vote. Trustee Conway was absent.

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