Looking back on vanity plates this summer

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I haven’t touched on vanity plates in awhile. For readers who have followed my column I sometimes talk about the odd and funny vanity license plates I see while out driving around Genesee County.

And you’ve got to admit, there are a lot more out there than you would imagine. But before I talk about vanity plates I have to mention one vehicle I’ve seen (and frankly you can’t miss) which is really one giant vanity plate.

Has anyone else noticed Mark Latchana’s SUV around town? The candidate for 67th District Court judge has turned his vehicle into a moving billboard for his campaign.

My 12-year-old daughter actually brought it up one day when she asked, “Dad, have you seen the Latchanamobile?” I laughed because yes I had seen it and it was amazing to me my kid had also noticed it and dubbed it “Latchanamobile.”

Sorry for the ribbing Mark, but I must say it is apparently an effective way of getting word about your campaign out when even children stop and notice. Kudos.

And now, the plates:

— Possibly an Air Force pilot, maybe a fan of the defunct rockband Winger. I’m guessing WINGMAN was taken, unless this person just wanted to be different.

— This was on the back of a white Cadillac Escalade so I’m not buying any tale of woe here. Of course it could be a person who perceives themselves as down-trodden and overcame adversity to achieve. Or maybe just a fan of the old Underdog cartoon? You decide.

— It was on a sports car so I’m guessing it’s someone who likes to take chances or Tom Cruise was in town that day.

— This belonged to a big pickup truck. I am assuming maybe ex-military, possibly someone who served in Vietnam back in 1966. Or maybe I’m just reading too much into the plate. Could be an avid Call of Duty videogamer who’s turned his (or her) call sign into a vanity plate. So in the first instance it could be a very cool plate, or if it’s the latter I’d say a little lame.

— Attitude, I like it. There’s something about a license plate that gives off sassiness that just makes me smile. Of course a police officer

pulling over a car with a license plate that has attitude

might not bode so well for the driver.

“Did you know you were going 20 miles over the speed limit?”

“Yeah, and?”

“…and, I was going to cut you a break and say 10 over, but we’ll go with 20.”

— I can’t joke about religious references on license plates. I think it’s great people can express themselves spiritually on a thin piece of aluminum like that. This isn’t the first JC plate I’ve seen, I believe I pointed out another awhile back. It’s a great way to spread the Word. God bless.

— I haven’t actually seen this one. A reader sent me an e-mail recently and told me this plate belongs to her and she asked if I could take a stab at it? I’d like to, but I’m completely lost on this one. Vanity plates that make me think should be illegal — it’s like texting and driving. But when I either figure it out or the reader tells me the answer to this riddle, I’ll let the rest of you know.

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