Looking for a few ghosts

Michael (Mickey) and Morgan Vizard. Photo provided

Michael (Mickey) and Morgan Vizard. Photo provided

FENTON — Michael (Mickey) Vizard and his wife, Morgan, are looking for some ghost stories.

The Fenton couple has started a book project and are hoping residents will favor them with some of their tales of paranormal activities in and around Fenton.

“My wife Morgan and I are hoping to write a book about haunted locations in and around Fenton,” Mickey said. “I’m an attorney who specializes in probate and estate planning, and on weekends I work as an EMT. Morgan is a wildlife biologist who currently works with bees, and for the Oakland County Park system, too.”

The Vizards are members of the Fenton Historical Society. “I typically go there when they’re open on Sundays to do research and see all the fun things they have there,” Mickey said.

“They’ve told me at the Historical Society that the questions they’re asked about most often are about ghost stories of Fenton, and that’s what gave me the idea to write this book. Also, my father Dave Vizard was a journalist for more than 30 years, and researching the book and chasing down these leads could be a great way for us to bond,” he said.

Ghost stories in particular are interesting to the Vizards because they involve local history, but also local lore and storytelling. “I just think it’s a fascinating intersection of those two areas,” Mickey said.

The couple said they would like to find about 10 different locations in the tri-county area.

“Due to my background in law, I’m a fairly experienced records researcher, so our idea is I’ll do most of the research for this project, and I’ll hand it over to Morgan for her to reduce it all to writing,” he said. “It could be a really fun project.”

The Vizards also participate in the Fenton Area Writers Guild. “We meet once a month to discuss progress in our various writing projects, and Morgan and I definitely think knowing we have to produce something tangible for the group every month will help keep us on track for this haunted history project,” he said.

Anyone who would like to share their stories are invited to contact the couple by emailing HauntedFenton@gmail.com.