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The Stanley Cup can be found in the city of Chicago for the summer of 2015. Yes, the Chicago Blackhawks defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning in six games to capture Lord Stanley’s cup. The 2-0 victory was the first game of the series that was not decided by one goal. Those first five games were all spectacular hockey games for a Stanley Cup Finals.

The Chicago Blackhawks have now won three of the last six Stanley Cups. I would put them in a mini dynasty category. They remind me a lot of the Detroit Red Wings from 1997-2002 when the Red Wings won three Stanley Cups in six years. The NHL Playoffs are such a long and tough grind. To win the Stanley Cup, a team might have to play 20 to 28 hockey games. When you look at it that way it’s over 25 percent of the regular season. The fatigue and exhaustion factor comes into play for these hockey players. I don’t know how the rest of you Red Wings fans feel but I wanted any other team to win the Stanley Cup, not the Chicago Blackhawks. The only thing good about Chicago winning is the Fat Guy picked them to win it and it made me look good. The hockey season is over and training camps will open up in September. The Red Wings will have a new coach and Stanley Cup aspirations for the 2015-2016 hockey season.

Carrying the load

The NBA Finals had game six in Cleveland Tuesday night and were trying to push the Golden State Warriors to a game seven. I will say that the show LeBron James is putting on in these NBA Finals is nothing short of a miracle. He has taken the Cleveland Cavaliers on his No. 23 back and given all he has to give on the basketball floor. If “King” James had any type of supporting cast, or the injury bug wouldn’t have hit the Cavaliers so hard, the city of Cleveland would be celebrating an NBA World title.

I am not saying that it still can’t happen, but I don’t like the Cavaliers’ chances heading into this game six to be quite honest. I really hope there is a game seven, because this series has been absolutely fabulous basketball to watch. Golden State and Cleveland have had some of the loudest basketball arenas I have ever heard. Those Golden State fans are rabid and all dressed in yellow. I hate to even see one of these two basketball teams have to lose. Golden State won the title, 105-97.

Sweet return for JV

The return of Justin Verlander last Saturday afternoon against the Cleveland Indians was sweet. I thought Verlander pitched a pretty good ball game overall. I did not like his high pitch count in the early innings, though. It seems like he throws so many pitches and cannot pitch very deep into ball games. The fact he came out of the game with no further injury is welcomed news for all Tigers fans. The next question is, when will Victor Martinez return? Then the next question is, if he does return, will he be the Victor Martinez at the plate from last season?

J.D. Martinez is having himself a nice season and proving that last year was no fluke. I have to say, I thought he might be a flash in the pan. He is not, that’s for sure. I actually have to wonder how the Houston Astros missed on him as a MLB baseball player.

The Tigers are still in third place chasing the Twins and Royals.

Don’t forget dad

Reminder: The 115th U.S. Open is this weekend golf fans. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads! thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

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