Love lifts us up



Words have power. New-age thinkers constantly advocate that words have actual energy that can either be like bullets or seeds, based on the intent behind them. The word love is one deserving extra attention. Many songs and speeches have been written about the power of love.

Here is my testimony. Back in early March this year, as I was battling ill health, my husband bought me a balloon bouquet to cheer me up. It had six Mylar, helium-filled balloons. One said Get Well Soon. Another said I Love You and my favorite depicted the face of a smiling monkey. I raved over the monkey so much that my husband bought me a second one about a month later. By then, all of the bouquet balloons had deflated except the one that said I love you.

The second monkey balloon also deflated after about a month. Yet another bouquet that my husband gave me for my birthday in June also deflated within a month.

But the most amazing thing is that, as I write this – nearly eight months later – the I love you balloon is still floating. The front has caved in a bit and it is no longer flying ceiling high but all my other 11 balloons have crumpled into balls.

Perhaps there is a scientific explanation for this or maybe it is just a fluke, but I am awed and inspired daily by that surviving ‘I love you’ balloon.

It reminds me of a book I read by Masaru Emoto. a Japanese scientist, whose experiments in the 1990s involved writing loving words and hateful words on jars of water to demonstrate the power of words.

When frozen, the jars with hateful or negative words such as ‘I hate you’ produced jarring ice formations. But the jars labeled with positive words created beautiful work-of-art ice crystals

As I look around me at all the hateful things being said and done in the world – mass shootings, political infighting, harassment, discrimination, heightened racial conflict and more – I am struck by the seeming lack of brotherly love, compassion, kindness and words of encouragement, empathy or whatever else would make a bad situation better.

But like my dogged “I love you’ balloon, struggling to stay afloat, I am encouraged to keep faith in the power of love over hate, gossip, fearmongering, lying and all other negative seeds being sown.

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