‘Love My Senior’ allows area residents to ‘adopt’ a graduating senior

SWARTZ CREEK — The Swartz Creek community is pitching in to help ease the sting of the coronavirus’ impact on the Class of 2020.

The Facebook page Swartz Creek Love My Senior 2020 gives area residents the opportunity to “adopt” a graduating senior and do something special for them, such as sending them a gift card or care package.

Laura Poffenbarger launched the page last week.

“I’ve had three kids who have graduated from Swartz Creek, and they all said their last few months were their favorites of their whole education,” said Poffenbarger, an educational aide at the high school, Key Club advisor and class sponsor for the Class of 2023. “These kids (the Class of 2020) are missing so much. I feel like they’ve been robbed, so they should get some sort of recognition.”

Parents of seniors can go to the page and put their kids up for “adoption” by posting a picture and some information.

Not just anyone can adopt a senior.

“They have to reach out to someone who is on the page and be invited,” said Poffenbarger.

Once a person is invited to join the page and adopts a senior, he or she then reaches out to the parents to find out the best way to help.

The Swartz Creek High School graduating class numbers about 250 students.

“I’ve worked with these kids for three years and some of these kids I’ve known longer,” said Poffenbarger. “It’s a nice thing to do for the kids who are missing out.”

It lets them know their community is there for them, she said.

“I know other people have had it way worse; I get that,” said Poffenbarger. “But I feel like these kids looked forward to this and they’re missing it. A lot of them, their biggest sadness is they were looking forward to the last couple of months with their friends. They won’t get to do their senior banquet. They probably won’t get to do the senior lock-in. They might get a delayed prom, or a delayed graduation. We just don’t know. They’ve missed out on their last spring sports. They’ve had to cancel their open houses. They’re missing so much.”

For more information, contact Poffenbarger at lpoffenbarger@swcrk.org.